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Copy of an oil painting by D McConnachie of dipping lug-sail boat the ‘Morag’ owned by Donald Lamont, Ruaig. On the back, the artist expresses their pleasure at it residing with Mona MacLean, The Coolins, Scarinish.

2016.27.12016.27.1 back


Ambrotype (photograph on glass) of unknown man, mid-1850s

Ambrotype photograph of an unknown man in the mid-1850s, plus a 4-page website printout from Wikipedia.org explaining ambrotype. Ambrotype photography involves the creation of an image on a plate of glass that has been coated with a thin layer of collodion then dipped in sliver nitrate, before being exposed to the subject whilst still wet.


Christmas card of painting of Mary MacArthur`s house at Sandaig, by Frank Curran 2006-2007

Christmas card (2006/2007) from Frank and Rita Curran (to John Holliday?) showing watercolour painting by Frank Curran of Mary MacArthur`s spotty house, thatched cottage and shed at Sandaig.


Copy of portrait “A Tiree Girl”

Colour print of a portrait “A Tiree Girl”, belonging to Su and Ian Aitkens, Balephuil. The girl is thought to be Ellen MacDonald, Balephuil (1886-1988), who emigrated to Manitoba, Canada, in 1910 with her sister Catherine. Unknown artist, although could have been painted by D. MacGregor-Whyte in the 1930s, who painted “The Lady of the Manse” in 1935, also owned by the Aitkens. See 2009.86.2.



Copy of portrait of Margaret Ann MacFarlane Whittet, “The Lady of the Manse”, and associated genealogical information.

Colour print of an original portrait of Mrs Margaret Ann MacFarlane Whittet, painted by D. MacGregor Whyte in 1935 and owned by Su and Ian Aitkens, Balephuil, plus papers relating to her genealogy. Margaret was the daughter of James MacFarlane who was born at Parkhouse, Tiree, then moved to Stirling/Elgin. Margaret was born in 1861 in Stirling or Banffshire and married George Whittet, a baptist minister in Wishaw, Lanarkshire.