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Audio cassette recording of Angus Munn and Neil Johnston of Heanish talking to Dr John Holliday in November 1998.

Angus Munn and Neil Johnston of Heanish talk to Dr John Holliday in November 1998 about their schooling and teachers, delivering telegrams, the last trip of the Mary Stewart, the start of WWII, the police service during the war, the mine that damaged the Bank House, the Embarkation Unit and the Fighter Block at Heanish, Preston Potts, a trip to Scapa Flow, the police station at Heanish, shebeens, Clann Alasdair in Baugh, the Malve, horses, Cornaig police station, ceilidhs and the Reading Room.


Audio cassette recording of Angus MacKechnie of Crossapol talking to Maggie Campbell in December 1999.

Angus MacKechnie of Crossapol talks to Maggie Campbell in December 1999 about starting work at Edinburgh Airport fire service in 1968, returning to Tiree in 1971 when a qualified fire-fighter, the first flights from the Reef in the 1930s, the construction of Tiree airport during WWII, the people who worked at the airport, the many jobs fire-fighters were expected to do, the regular pilots, air ambulance procedures, Met Station reports, compulsory courses and air crash simulations, various stories about passenger flights and the differences between working at Tiree and Edinburgh airports.


Video recording of BBC programme `A` Cheud Turas` broadcast on 8/2/1984.

1984 BBC programme with pilot Bill Innes shows Sheila MacKinnon nee MacArthur of Barrapol, Arthur Donald of Vaul, Donald Iain Brown of Crossapol and Craig Langley of Kirkapol around a Boeing 757, Concorde and a Boeing 757 simulator for training pilots at Heathrow Airport.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 322, 26/6/04

Local news and events including the opening of An Talla, a visit from the Crofters Commission, the increase in security charges for air travellers, sports camps at the school, a crofting and environmental study to be carried out by Tiree Rural Development and news from the Golf Club, the Community Council, the Feis and the school.


Bill Innes talking about Captain David Barclay

Sound clip in English of former airline pilot Bill Innes talking about Captain David Barclay.

Courtesy of Mr Bill Innes

Former airline pilot Bill Innes tells a humorous anecdote about Captain David Barclay, MBE, during an illustrated talk about the pioneers of Scottish aviation held in An Talla, Tiree on 5th July 2004.

The name David Barclay is synonymous with the development of aviation in the Western Isles and with the Scottish Air Ambulance Service. He flew his first ambulance flight with Northern & Scottish Airways in 1935 and at the end of his career had flown more than two thousand ambulance missions.

He was awarded the MBE in 1942 and invested with the order of St John of Jerusalem in 1950. Much loved and well respected by those who knew him, Captain Barclay retired in April 1965 with an overwhelming send-off from islanders in Barra and Tiree.


Folder titled `Tiree Ward Minutes` containing District Council papers dated from 1952 to 1964.

Folder titled `Tiree Ward Minutes` containing minutes of Tiree Ward meetings and Coll Ward meetings from 1952 to 1964 and some correspondence with Argyll County Council.