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Transcript of conversation with John Campbell regarding the yacht Oceana.

Printed transcript of a telephone conversation between Dr John Holliday and John Campbell on 29 October 2013. John Campbell owned the yacht Oceana when it grounded and broke up at Crossapol/Baugh in 1949. Talks about the circumstances of the Oceana being near Tiree, and his life.


Photograph of John Campbell, owner of Oceana, around 1942

Sepia photograph of John D Campbell in the uniform of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders around 1942. Campbell became the owner of the yacht Oceana that grounded and broke up on Crossapol beach in 1949. His batman in the army was a Tiree man, thought to be Alan MacCallum.



Photograph of the remains of the yacht Oceana at Crossapol Beach in 2012

Colour photograph of the remains of the hull of the yacht Oceana at the east end of Crossapol Beach with Ben Hynish in the distance. The yacht ran aground in 1949 and broke up.



Information about the relationships between famous people associated with the yacht Oceana that was wrecked at Crossapol in 1949.

Transcriptions of letters and other material relating to the relationship between the owner of the yacht Oceana, Sir Percy Shelley, and the authors Mary Shelley and Robert Louis Stevenson. The Oceana was wrecked at Crossapol beach in 1949.


Documents, correspondence and photographs pertaining to the the sailing schooner “Oceana” that was stranded on Tiree in 1949

Information about the sailing schooner, or two-masted leisure yacht, “Oceana” that became stranded and broke up between Crossapol farm and Crossapol beach on 9th March 1949. Includes correspondence between Anthony Vaughan and (1) An Iodhlann, (2) the Receiver of Wrecks, and (3) Isle of Wight Local Studies Collection, about the location of the stranding on Tiree, records of its loss, its manufacture and changes of ownership 1879-1948, and historical photographs. Photographs include three of the Oceana under sail, one during refitting, two at anchor off Portsmouth and Isle of Wight, eight of Anthony Vaughan`s great uncle+wife on the deck of the schooner in the 1930s. How the yacht became grounded in reasonable weather is a mystery. Rumours were that they made for the airport control tower instead of the Scarinish lighthouse, and that they were smugglers or on their way to Russia to pick up a dissident.