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Black and white photograph of oat stooks at Maraekakho in New Zealand.

Stooking oats at the MacPhee`s at Maraekakho Station in New Zealand. L-R: Bill MacPhee (Annie MacKinnon`s husband); Annie`s brother Hugh with unknown child; Bill`s father John MacPhee; Hugh and Annie`s father Donald MacKinnon; Tony Player.



Colour photograph of Lachie MacLean, Druimfhraoich and Hector J C Campbell, Cornaigbeg in the 1980s.

Lachie Maclean of Druimfhraoich and Hector J. C. Campbell of Cornaigbeg binding oats at Dhruimfhraoich, Kenovay in the mid-1980s. The tractor is a Massey Ferguson.



Photocopy of book extract `Parish of Tiry` by Rev. Archibald McColl.

Description of the geography of Tiree, its wildlife, minerals, antiquities, climate, diseases, population, fuel, manufactures and fishery, livestock, agriculture, the character and customs of the people, the poor, schools, emigration, ferries, churches.


Photocopy of book `Argyll Estates Instructions` edited by Eric Cregeen.

The instructions given by John, the 5th Duke of Argyll to his Chamberlain in Mull and Morvern and his Chamberlain in Tiree with an introduction by Eric Cregeen.