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Will of Hector MacDonald, Balemartine, 1922.

Handwritten Will of Hector MacDonald (b.1850?) of Balemartine, dated 11 Sept. 1922, leaving his entire estate to his daughter Annie MacDonald. Written at Heylipol Manse in the presence of the Rev. Alexander MacBean and witnessed by Isabella MacBean (housewife) and Jessie Macnab (district nurse). Hector was a fisherman, worked in MacQuarrie`s shop in Hynish and was a respected leader of the Land Leagues. Also known as `Eachann MacNeill` and `Eachann a` Chaise` / Hector son of Neill and Hector the Cheese (from the shop). (Accession includes a photocopy)

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Nurse`s metal badge from the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow

Enamelled round metal badge that would have been worn by nurses at the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow. Bears a prowling panther with the St. Andrews cross in blue and white in the background and the words “Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow” around the edge. Has the name “Flora Campbell” engraved on the back.


Postcard of a stained glass window depicting Gott Bay

Colour photo-card of a stained glass window depicting a house on Gott Bay commissioned by the Nurses` League in memory of Rachel Wylie (nee MacIntyre, Gott) who was the last Matron of Glasgow Royal Infirmary during 1975-1989. The photograph from which the window was made was taken looking towards Rachel`s home on Gott Bay from the beach.


Four photos and accompanying letters about Dr David Hunter, GP on Tiree during the 1930s

Four original black & white photographs of Dr David Hunter and his wife Margaret (nee Findlater), Baugh House and surgery, and a view from Middleton/Barrapol, during a holiday to Tiree in the late 1950s / early 60s (before 1964). Dr Hunter was the GP on Tiree during the 1930s and his wife was the nurse. The accompanying letters from his great-nephew, Allan Stephen, has further information. Photos accessioned separately as Q125-Q128.


Photograph of Mrs Margaret Hunter (nee Findlater) ca 1930.

Black & white portrait photograph of Mrs Margaret Hunter around 1930. Known as Nurse Findlater, she met and married Dr David Hunter while working on Tiree during the 1930s. They lived at Baugh House. The couple later moved to Aberdeenshire(?), returning occasionally to holiday on Tiree.