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Photograph of two women lying in hospital beds outside in the sun ca 1950

Black & white photograph of two women lying in hospital beds that have been wheeled outside into the sun. Possibly from the MacNeil / Kennedy family of Balevullin/Balephuil. From a collection of photographs from the house of Ellen Kennedy (nee Eilidh MacNeil), Balevullin.



Photograph of a nurse in uniform around 1950.

Black & white photograph of Ellen MacDonald of Balephuil (1886-1988), in her nurse’s uniform in the backyard of the family home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in the 1950s. Written on the reverse of the photo: “This is myself taken two months ago”, probably written for Ellen Kennedy, a first cousin of Ellen MacDonald. From a collection of photographs from the house of Ellen Kennedy (nee Eilidh MacNeil), Balevullin.



Booklet `Water from the Seventh Wave` 2001

Booklet about the history of health and healing on Tiree, from superstitions and traditional remedies to lay doctors, diseases, dentists, appointed GPs, nurses and ambulance services. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Memoirs of nurse Bessie Barr who attended sailors of the wrecked HMS Sturdy during WWII

Photocopied pages from a notebook of memoirs of Glasgow nurse Bessie Barr recollecting her nursing days and Tiree colleague Katie MacArthur, and their efforts to help the crew of the stricken destroyer HMS Sturdy that ran aground at Sandaig during a storm in 1940.

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Photograph of nurses Elizabeth `Bessie` Barr with the MacArthur family on Tiree in 1939

Black & white photograph of the MacArthur family of Tiree, including `Big` Katie MacArthur and Archie MacArthur, sitting on rocks with Bessie Barr, Lanarkshire, in 1939. Bessie and Katie were both nurses at Shieldhall Fever Hospital, Glasgow, and Bessie regularly spent her holidays on Tiree. It was on one of these holidays, when the two nurses helped the crew of HMS Sturdy when it was wrecked on rocks at Sandaig in 1940.



Dissertation about the Tiree bulb-growing industry in the 1960s

Bound dissertation entitled “Tiree Bulbs” about the tulip- and daffodil-growing industry on Tiree in the 1960s. Includes hand-typed preface about the history of bulbs, an account of Tiree`s bulbs, many colour photographs of the different varieties of bulbs growing in-situ on Tiree, photos of some bulb-growers including Duncan MacInnes, Ruaig, and a map of bulb sites around the island. Author: Ena MacLean Percy – a district nurse who attended courses at The Royal College of Nursing in Edinburgh in the 1960s, and retired to Fort William. Bound in royal blue board with gold embossed title on cover. Found at a recycling centre in Fort William in 2011.