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Collection of 12 academic papers (1984-2013) about Vikings in the Hebrides including information on Norse names in Barra, the Hebrides and the N Atlantic area, Viking silver and gold artefacts, migration to the Inner Hebrides, Norse and Gaelic ancestry by DNA analysis, genetic evidence in Shetland and Orkney, colonization of the N. Atlantic, ethnicity, the Vikings in Gaelic oral tradition.


Book `The Lord of the Isles Voyage`, 1993

Softback book about the building of a 16th century sailing galley made by the MacDonald`s of Skye and author Wallace Clark, and its voyage through the sea kingdom in 1991 and 1992. Given to Dr John Holliday by Carol Kirkpatrick.


Book `Saxons, Vikings and Celts`, 2006

Softback book `Saxons, Vikings, and Celts – The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland`. The results of a ten-year study into the DNA of over 10,000 volunteers, tracing the true genetic make-up of the British people and their descendents across the world (from the collection of Gene Lamont, Canada).


Text `You Say iodh, I Say vist`, 2013 (version 1)

Text about the occurrence of Norse place-names on Tiree and the implication that there was once a thriving and long-lasting population of Scandinavian settlers in southern Scotland. Also stored on computer under `Exhibitions and Texts`. (later versions are available digitally)


Colour photograph of decorated bone combs from the broch at Vaul in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow.

Decorated Viking bone combs from the broch at Vaul photographed in the Hunterian Museum in May 2006.