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Black and white photograph of the Tiree choir at the Oban Mod in 1992.

The Tiree choir at the Oban Mod in 1992. L-R: (front row) Mairi MacArthur, Roisgal; Elaine MacArthur, Balinoe; Mabel MacArthur, Sandaig; Margaret Ryan; Jessie Gray, Balemartine; (middle row) Jill Robertson;
Stuart Smith, Hynish; Maggie Campbell, Kilmoluaig; Lachie Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Donniel Kennedy, Hynish; Murdina MacLean, Kilmoluaig; Clare Jones, Baugh; Alec MacLean, Cornaigbeg; Joyce Gillespie, Balinoe; Mairi MacLean, Ruaig; Mary Ann MacDonald, Heanish; (back row) Stewart Langley, Kirkapol; Brian Findlater, Scarinish; Donald Berry,Vaul; Donald MacDonald; Iain MacLeod, Kilmoluaig.



Audio cassette recording of Bernie Smith, Hynish talking to Maggie Campbell in October 2001.

Bernie Smith of Hynish talks to Maggie Campbell in October 2001 about coming to Tiree aged four or five, his schooling at Balemartine, the Balephuil tragedy, his teachers and learning Gaelic, going to Glasgow at 16 to become a joiner, working with a plumber on Tiree, his boyhood, Sabbath observance, dances, changes at the airport, people in Balephuil, competing in the Mod, fishing and the Tiree bards; Bernie sings two Gaelic songs.


Copy of prize label awarded to Donald Kennedy, Moss at the 1927 Mod.

Label on inside cover of book `Songs and Hymns of the Gael` awarded to Donald Kennedy of Moss as 1st prize for translation of Gaelic into English at the 1927 Mod.



Audio cassette recording of Ethel MacCallum of Tiree and Inverary talking to Maggie Campbell in 2000.

Ethel MacCallum of Tiree and Inverary talks to Maggie Campbell in 2000 about arriving in Tiree in 1943 aged six, the Post Office where she stayed, her schooling, working on the croft and in the Post Office and later at Inverary Castle, finding her brother and meeting her husband; Ethel sings a psalm and three Gaelic songs – Catriona Og, Tir a’ mhurainn, Tilleadh an t-eilean as boidhche fon ghrein – giving details of who wrote them and why.


Audio cassette recording of Hugh Macleod of Cornaigbeg talking to Maggie Campbell in November 1999.

Hugh MacLeod (Eòghann Charrachan) of Cornaigbeg talks to Maggie Campbell in November 1999 about the smiddy in Cornaig and the blacksmith Seumas MacCallum who worked there in the 1930s and 1940s shoeing horses, the two churches in Cornaig and the preacher, Hector Meek of Caoles, church attendance, the Cornaig mill, the livestock at Whitehouse which was once a school, the weather station, the old ferries, good singers from Cornaig including Mod medallists.


Audio cassette recording of Maggie Campbell talking about Nina Langley in October 1999.

Maggie Campbell talks about Nina Langley whom she interviewed in October, about her love of Gaelic, being teased for marrying an English boy, helping Tiree children prepare for the Mod where they won many prizes, winning a gold medal and cups herself for recitation, and writing plays and songs, one of which, Moladh Thiriodh Maggie sings.Tha Magaidh Chaimbeul a’ bruidhinn mu Nina Langley, bha còmhradh aice rithe anns an Dàmhair 1999, mun a’ gaoil air Gàidhlig agus mar a bha i air tarraing aiste airson gun do phòs i gillie Sasunnach, a’ cuideachadh clann Thirisdich a’ dheasachadh airson a’ Mhòid far an do choisinn iad mòran dhuaisean, choisinn i fhèin bonn òr agus cupanan airson beul-aithris agus sgrìobhadh fealla-chluich agus òrain, aon dhiubh Moladh Thiriodh agus Magaidh ga sheinn.