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Extracts from “Farming Leader” 1965 about NFU Tiree branch and Lachlan MacKinnon, Hillcrest

Scanned extracts from “Farming Leader”, the official journal of the National Farmers Union of Scotland, 1965. Includes a photograph of the Tiree branch committee group at their AGM: including Roderick Morrison (Secretary), Archie MacArthur (President) and John MacArthur (Vice-President), and three pages about Lachlan MacKinnon, Hillcrest, Balephetrish in “Farmers in Focus” including photographs of Lachlan and his family and livestock.





Newspaper photographs of Tiree Agricultural Show, July 1937

Photocopy of a newspaper cutting showing three photographs from the Tiree Agricultural Show in July 1937. Top photo shows line-up of horses and their handlers. The first two horses on the left, plus white dog, are with Mary MacKinnon`s father, ?? MacKinnon (Parkhouse). The middle photo is of Malcolm MacArthur and calf. Malcolm was the shepherd to Crossapol & Balephetrish common grazings from 1922 onwards. The bottom photo is a general shot of the show.


‘Tiree – an unauthorised biography’ – a history of Tiree and its people by William Clelland, 2009.

Text on CD-ROM about the history of Tiree and its people compiled by Australian descendant of Tiree, William Clelland. Includes chapters on the geography of the island, archaeology and first settlers, Christianity and the Gaelic language, Vikings and the wider Scottish history, overpopulation, black houses, kelp and education, evictions and emmigration, Napier Commission, Tiree bards. Index. Appendices including Tiree place names, weapons held by Tiree men and whether `rebel` in 1715, Argyll Estate report of 1737, prisoners of the `45 rebellion, sales from farms, Old Parish Register for marriages and baptisms 1766-1854, households and population 1747-1901, Napier Commission evidence and witness statements 1883, population census 1779-1891. For appendices see 2009.123.2-11.


Appendix E: Gross sales from Tiree farms 1793-1794, from “Tiree – an unauthorised biography”

Printout of Appendix E: Gross sales from Tiree farms 1793-1794, from “Tiree – an unauthorised biography”. List of the gross sales from the different farms in Tiree according to the average of the past two years (1793-1794). Lists no. of tenants, mail-lands, name of farm, gross sales, rent paid/due, and total revenue from sales per product type.

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Newspaper article about tulip and daffodil growing on Tiree and Coll, 1958

Original and photocopy of an article titled “Look out for tulips from the Hebrides”, about the new tulip and daffodil growing industry on Tiree and Coll, in The People`s Journal newspaper, 1958.


Eleven colour photographs of the MacKinnon Family Farm, Manitoba (est. 1892 by Tirisdeachs).

Eleven colour photographs of the MacKinnon Family Farm, Manitoba, Canada taken in 2000-2005 by descendents of Hugh MacKinnon who was born in 1841 at Ruaig, Tiree. The farm was established in 1892 by the family of Hugh MacKinnon. Photos include the gravestones of Finney (Fingon?) McKinnon (died 1859) and his wife Christenia (died 1896).


Programme of events for the Tiree Land Fair, 2007

Programme of events for the Tiree Land Fair run by Tiree Rural Development at the Rural Centre, Crossapol in August 2007. Events included: (1) discussion about changes to the Crofting Act by Hugh MacIntosh and Jackie Forsyth, (2) cattle dressing course at Ruaig Farm run by Duncan Semple, (3) workshop on mapping Tiree`s grassland for ccrops and corncrakes run by Mike Smith, SNH, (4) discussion of future allocation of Leader+ funds, (5) talk by TRD group on their recent trip to Orkney, (6) welding course, (7) discussion of potential of `Tiree Branding` by Fergus Younger of Argyll Agricultural forum, (8) talk by Joy Carey of the Soil Association, (9) update on the Loch a` Phuil Water and Birds project by project manager Henry Dobson, (10) Loch a` Phuill site visit with Henry Dobson, (11) discussion of access issues with Tiree Community Development Trust, (12) BBQ and music evening, (13) continuation of welding course, (14) bird walk and talk with John Bowler, RSPB, (15) craft & produce fair, (16) talk about the Coll & Tiree flower book by editor Emma Grant, Coll, (17) demonstration of techniques and equipment used for the Goose Management Scheme by Peter Isaacson.