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Black & white photograph of (L-R) Lachlan MacLean and Mary MacLean, the children of Donald MacLean (1878-1936), Kenovay, and Johann Campbell. Donald was the son of Lachlan MacLean (1836-1921) and Mary MacDonald (1852-1920). The photo was taken at the old milk house at Kenovay in around 1930. The cheese press is visible on the left. Part of a large collection of items belonging to and about Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay (1890-1981), and his family.


Letter recollecting visits to Tiree by the gandson of William & Effie Dickie, Caoles

Handwritten letter from Jason Mauchan of Canada about his memories of his times on Tiree when he stayed with his grandparents William & Effie Dickie of Caoles in the 1970s-80s.

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Audio cassette recording of Margaret MacDonald of Cornaigmore talking to Maggie Campbell in 2000.

Margaret MacDonald talks to Maggie Campbell in 2000 about buying ‘An Airigh’ in Cornaigmore in 1962 and using it as a holiday house until they took up permanent residence in 1981, the changes she’s seen in the shops, self-sufficiency, and crofting practices; Margaret also talks about how children today have less love of nature, how Mrs Campbell of Garaphail kept the Sabbath, the neighbouring croft that once belonged to novelist Alistair Maclean’s family and how milk was retailed in lemonade bottles.


Audio cassette recording of Iain MacDonald of Balevullin talking to Maggie Campbell on 9/10/2001.

Iain MacDonald of Balevullin talks to Maggie Campbell about his childhood memories of Tiree, how people were more self-sufficient, growing potatoes, milking cows and churning butter, helping his uncle Murdoch, a butcher, deliver meat around the island in a pony and trap, the community spirit of shearing day, picture night at the Reef, coastguard drill and some of the people of Balevullin; Iain also discusses his work as a Highland dancer, judge and piper at the Highland Games.


Audio cassette recording of Jessie MacKinnon of Mannal talking to Maggie Campbell in March 2000.

Jessie MacKinnon (Jessie Lachainn) of Mannal talks to Maggie Campbell in March 2000 about the people who used live in Mannal; the teachers at Balemartine School; milking and shepherds; her 40 years of service with a doctor’s family in Glasgow; the changes in the way people dress now; the fishing from Mannal and Balemartine; the Cattle Show, regattas and sports in the summer; her holidays; the shop in Mannal; making butter, cheese and scones; ministers. Tha Seasaidh Lachainn Phàdraig a Manal a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul ann Am Mart 2000 mu na daoine a b’ àbhaist a bhi fuireach ann am Manal, tidsearan ann an sgoil Bhaile Mhàrtainn, bleoghainn agus cìobairean; an da fhichead bliadhna a bha i na shearbhanta aig teaghlach dotair ann an Glaschu, an t-atharrachadh ann an dòigh sgeadaich aig daoine an-nis; an t-iasgach a mach a Manal agus Baile Mhàrtainn; Fèis Cruidh, rèis bhàtaichean agus spòrs anns an t-samhradh; na soar-làithean aice; am bùth ann am Manal; deànamh ìm, càise agus bonnaich; ministeirean.


Audio cassette recording of John Fletcher of Balemartine talking to Maggie Campbell in January 2001.

John Fletcher of Balemartine talks to Maggie Campbell in January 2001 about growing up in Balemartine, the people of Balemartine, Mannal and Hynish, the teachers at Balemartine School, the weather over the years, fishing when he was a boy, how fish was dried and the work involved in milking cows; John also tells a few stories about people he knew as a boy and one story about a dog fish remedy.


George Paterson’s byre

Photograph of George Paterson’s byre at Crossapol in the 1930s.


Courtesy of Mrs Mairi Campbell

George Paterson and Archie Kennedy were photographed milking cows in George’s cattle byre at Crossapol in the 1930s. The byre was white-washed every year and housed up to ten cows which were mainly Ayrshire and Shorthorns.

The cows were put out to graze in the summer and brought in twice a day to be milked. In winter they were kept inside. The family made butter which they sold as well as milk, and also made cheese for their private use.

Until thirty or so years ago crofters commonly kept a milking cow for their own use. Very few do so now, and with the changes in the law regarding ‘raw’ milk, all milk for sale is imported into the island.

Black and white photograph of George Paterson`s cattle byre at Crossapol in the 1930s.

George Paterson and Archie Kennedy milking cows in George`s cattle byre at Crossapol in the 1930s.


Audio cassette recording of Annie Ellen MacQuarrie interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Coll on 10/7/2003.

Maggie Campbell talking to Annie Ellen MacQuarrie of Coll in July 2003 about her childhood and schooling in Coll in 1920s and 1930s, working in Tobermory and Glasgow, her return to Coll in the early 1950s to marry and raise a family and the changes she has seen in relation to farming, Gaelic and the schools. Maggie also talks to Bunty Kennedy about her childhood on Coll, recreation, the Coll Creamery, the Laird of Coll, farming, livestock sales and the transportation of animals by the cargo vessels `The Princess` and `The Loch Broom`. Tha Magaidh Chaimbeul a’ bruidhinn ri Anna Eilidh NicGuaire agus Bunty Cheannadach a Colla anns an Iuchar 2003 mu an leanabachd agus làithean-sgoile ann an Colla anns na 1920an ’s na 1930an, obair ann an Tobar Mhoire agus Glaschu, tilleadh gu Colla anns na 1950an airson pòsaidh agus togail chloinne, an croitearachd, an spòrs, an Taigh-bainne Cholla, Tighearna Cholla, tuathanachd, na margaidhean-sprèidh agus giùlan beathaichean anns na bàtaichean The Princess agus The Loch Broom.