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Audio cassette recording of Neil MacArthur of Moss talking to Maggie Campbell in October 1999.

Neil MacArthur (Niall Sheumais Alasdair) of Moss talks to Maggie Campbell in October 1999 about his schooling at Heylipol and Cornaig, working on the croft with his uncle, the people who used to live in Moss and the ruins that are left, the many cartwrights who used work on the island, the shops, illicit whiskey stills, the wells in Moss, cutting turf to burn instead of peat, singers and songs, people from Mull, the roads, the new church at Heylipol built in 1903-4 and a bad storm in the 1930s on the night of a wedding.


Photocopied newspaper article about Tiree.

Local news about the good weather and the progress of the crops, the visit by the pension officer, steam drifters on their way to the Barra fishing, the erection of the windmill at Island House to pump water and the deaths of Donald MacLean, manager of the Agricultural Co-op and of Donald MacFadyen of Balemartine who died aged 29.


Booklet `Late- and Post-Glacial Shorelines and Ice Limits in Argyll and North-East Ulster` by F. M Synge and N. Stephens.

Investigation of sea-levels on the west coast of Scotalnd after the last Ice Age 15,000 years ago.


Audio cassette recording of Hugh MacLean of Barrapol talking to John Donald MacLean in March 1998.

Hugh MacLean (Eòghann Dhòmhnaill Eòghainn Mhòir) of Barrapol talks to John Donald MacLean (Teòn Dòmhnall a’ Mhuilinn)about Tiree bards, the wreck of the Vivo and other ships, a cobbler in Mannal, collecting peat from the Ross of Mull, the fiddler of Sandaig and his genealogy, the kelp industry, the factor Iain Campbell, temperance, the weather, diet, agricultural methods, the beaches, cars and the arrival of the first plane; Hugh also sings some songs and plays a number of tunes on the electronic bagpipes. Tha Eòghann Dhòmhnaill Eòghainn Mhòir a Goirtean Dòmhnaill a’ bruidhinn ri Teòn Dòmhnall a’ Mhuilinn mu na bàird Thirisdeach, mun lon-bhriseadh Vivo agus bàtaichean eile, greusaiche a Mannal, a’ toir mòine on Ross Mhuileach, fidhleir Shandaig agus a shloinntearachd, obair a’ cheilp, am bàillidh Iain Caimbeul, measarrachd, an tìde, obair fearainn, na tràighean, carbadan agus mar a thàinig a cheud itealan; tha Eòghann cuideachd a’ seinn òrain agus a’ cluich fonn air a’ phìob eleactronaich.


Audio cassette recording of Hector Campbell of Garaphail interviewed by Margaret Bennett of the School of Scottish Studies.

Hector Campbell of Garaphail and Comrie talks to Margaret Bennett of the School of Scottish Studies about Gaelic songs and poetry, the music sailors from Ireland and the islands made at sea, the connections between Tiree and Skye, his boyhood, New Year, Halloween and May Day, superstitions, the weather, herbal remedies, fishing, seaweed as food, the changes in crofting practice, what happened when someone died, dances, washing days and health.