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Colour photograph of a painting of the ‘Mary Stewart’ in full sail. The original painting is in the family of David Roberts (1849-1897), a native of  Anglesey, who was the master on the Mary Stewart, and possibly part owner, from about 1886 to 1897. The remains of the Mary Stewart can still be seen in Scarinish Harbour.



Collection of 18 postcards of photographs of Tiree, 1920-1960

Collection of 18 original postcards showing photographed scenes from Tiree, some of which are used and stamped. Most are duplicates of existing archive items. Six scanned and accessioned separately (V121-V126).


Four boat-builders` tools from the `Mary Stewart`

Three caulking irons and a sail pricker from the schooner the Mary Stewart: large and small `making` irons, a `hardening` iron (with groove), and a sailmaker`s pricker for making holes in sail canvas. Caulking irons (caladh in Gaelic) came in sets of five and were used to force oakum into spaces between timbers to form a water-tight seal.


Photograph of a wooden boat in Scarinish harbour before World War II

Sepia photograph of a wooden boat of the dipping lug-sail type anchored in Scarinish Harbour with the pier and Mary Stewart freight store in the background. On the reverse is written “Pre WWII”. (Original stored in filing cabinet 9 drawer 4)



Photograph of a line drawing of Scarinish Harbour ca. 1900

Black & white photograph of a postcard illustrated with a line drawing of a view of Scarinish Harbour from the machair. The Mary Stewart, freight store and a thatched cottage are included. (Original stored in filing cabinet 9 drawer 4)