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Academic paper ‘Pyroxenes, amphibole, and mica from the Tiree marble’ by AF Hallimond and CO Harvey, 1947. Reprinted from the Mineralogical Magazine of London.


Hardback book ‘Scotland: Mapping the Islands’ by Christopher Fleet, Margaret Wilkes and Charles W. J. Withers, 2016. Foreword by Magnus Linklater. Reproduces some of the most historically significant maps from the National Library of Scotland’s collection in order to explore the many dimensions of island life and how this has changed over time. Arranged thematically and covering topics such as population, place-names, defence, civic improvement, natural resources, navigation, and leisure and tourism. Tiree mentioned pages 3, 44, 45, 49, 61, 82-3, 107 & 174, and featured in maps pages 62-3, 72-3, 92 & 143.


Photograph of a collection of polished stones from Tiree

Colour photograph of a collection of small stones from Tiree that have been worked and polished to make fruit sculptures and jewellery, and held in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. Includes green marble, quartz, flint and red-green marble.



Biography of A.K.Coomaraswamy (1877-1947)

Biography of Sri Lankan geologist A.K.Coomaraswamy (1877-1947) who conducted a survey of the pink and green marble deposits at Balephetrish in 1902. Tiree is mentioned in the list of his published papers in Table 2 (see 2003.16.7 for his survey report).


Email from Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, re geological survey of Tiree marble by A K Coomaraswamy in 1902

Printout of emails between Dr John Faithfull, Curator of Mineralogy & Petrology, Hunterian Museum, Glasgow and An Iodhlann about the work of A.K.Coomaraswamy, the Sri Lankan geologist who surveyed the green and pink Balephetrish marble deposits in 1902. Includes printouts from the website of the British Geological Survey “GeoScenic” showing photographs of Tiree marble taken by Coomaraswamy.



Transcription of an extract from ‘Tirey’ in ‘The Rev. Dr. John Walker’s Report on the Hebrides of 1764 and 1771’ edited by Margaret M. MacKay.

Courtesy of John Donald Publishers

The Rev Dr John Walker, minister of Moffat and a pioneer of scientific botany and geology, was sent to the Hebrides in 1764 and 1771 by the Commission for Annexed Estates to report on the social conditions, population and the state of manufacture, agriculture and fisheries.

He found the waters round Tiree teeming with fish but no fishing equipment on the island. In 1792, Rev Archibald McColl lamented that the local fishermen seemed unable to compete with those from other islands or the east coast who were taking full advantage of the nearby fishing banks.

The reasons for this he attributed to the daily involvement of crofters with their land and animals and to their poverty which disinclined them to risk what little savings they had purchasing equipment easily lost in bad weather.


Hardback book `Inveraray and the Dukes of Argyll` by Ian G. Lindsay and Mary Cosh.

The history of the building of Inveraray Castle. Tiree references in the index, including recovery of timber from the wreck of the Maria-Elizabeth, and Tiree marble.