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Notice to mariners about Scarinish Lighthouse, 1936

Printed scan of an original bill-board notice to mariners issued by the Northern Lighthouse Board in 1936 regarding a change to the character (flashes and brightness) of Scarinish Lighthouse on the 1st October 1936.


Photograph of a scultpure of Skerryvore Lighthouse in Bournemouth in 2013

Colour photograph of a sculpture of Skerryvore Lighthouse in the Skerryvore Memorial Gardens in Bournemouth, dedicated to author Robert Louis Stevenson who lived there at 61 Alum Chine Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, and named the house `Skerryvore` in honour of his family of lighthouse engineers who built Skerryvore and the pier and buildings at Hynish.



Photograph of a Skerryvore lighthouse from its base in 2006

Colour photograph of Skerryvore lighthouse from its base in summer 2006. Workmen can be seen suspended in a cradle half-way up.