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Black and white photograph of the Kennavara coastline from a postcard dated May 1946 by Donald Winn who was stationed at RAF Tiree. The handwriting reads “May/46. Happy memories of a wonderful time. Love always _ xxx. An inspiring place with an inspiring person. Until the next time. Don McWinn”. Probably taken looking northwest from West Hynish.




Hand-drawn map of Tiree showing the locations of 15 aerial photographs taken around the island in 1998 (see 2016.54.1~15). Areas covered are: Kirkapol, Vaul, Ruaig, Cornaigmore, Cornaigbeg, Kenovay, Balephetrish, Caoles, Salum, Kennavara, Hough, Balevullin, Middleton, Kilkenneth, Moss, Baugh, Balemartine, Balinoe, Scarinish, Heanish and Hynish.

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Article from The Times newspaper, 1868, about the wrecking of the coal schooner ‘Maria and Fanny’ off Kenavara during a gale in 1868, the loss of its captain and one member of the crew, and the rescue of the surviving three crew by Captain Archibald Brown, Mannal, in a boat rowed from Balephuil.

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Large framed certificate from The Royal Humane Society, London, in 1869, belonging to Captain Archibald Brown, Mannal, for his actions and those of his crew in the rescue of the the surviving crew of a stricken schooner off Kenavara in Balephuil Bay in 1868. The vessel was the ‘Maria and Fanny’ of Milford, Wales, which was on its way between Ayr and Limerick with a load of coal. It was blown off course by a gale north of Ireland. The rescue was carried out at great risk to the Captain and his crew. Captain Archibald was awarded the Honorary Silver Medal of the Society.



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Collection of 18 postcards of photographs of Tiree, 1920-1960

Collection of 18 original postcards showing photographed scenes from Tiree, some of which are used and stamped. Most are duplicates of existing archive items. Six scanned and accessioned separately (V121-V126).


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 424, 30/8/08

Local news: forthcoming Tiree Wave Classic windsurfing competition; road rage; communications masts on Ben Hough; lamb sale results; restricted access to Tiree`s beaches; forthcoming celebration of renovation of Kilkenneth Chapel and Temple Patrick; new elders for Tiree Parish Church; ferry timetable improvements; Tiree Community Trust news.


Photograph of a painting by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte

Colour photograph of a painting of a boy sitting on the machair at Balephuil, with Kenavara in the background, by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte (1866-1953) of Oban/Balephuil. Taken at an exhibition of his works in Oban in 1984. The boy is John Brown of Balephuil, Donald Archie Brown’s cousin.


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