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Typed copy of Edward Curtis-Stanford`s journal 1864

Copy of hand-typed transcript of the journal of Edward Charles Cortis-Stanford dated 3rd January 1864, about his seaweed processing factory at Middleton/Sandaig.

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A history of Edward Curtis Standford on Tiree

Print-out of a talk about the history of chemist Edward Stanford and the kelp industry on Tiree in the late 1800s, presented at the 2013 Feis, plus accompanying lists, documents, papers, letters etc relevant to Stanford and seaweed processing industry in Scotland and Tiree.


Academic papers about seaweed

Photocopies of 8 academic papers about seaweed with particular reference to ethnobotany, and a covering letter about the papers from Harry Powel to Nicola Pilkington 5/7/2011. (1) A study of certain British seaweed and their utilisation in the preparation of Agar. Marshall, Newton and Orr 1949; (2) Teachers` Notes – kelp burning. c. 1999; (3) The study of certain Red Seaweeds in relation to their use in Agar production. Newton 1947; (3b) A seaweed survey of Scotland – Fucaceae, 1945-1946. Walker 1947; (4) Distribution of Laminariaceae around Scotland. Walker 1954; (5) extract from Cast weed survey, Part 1. Survey of certain Orkney, Lewis, north Uist, Barra and Tiree beaches, 1945/1946. Scottish Seaweed Research Association 1947; (6) extract from Cast weed survey, Part 2. 1946-7. Walker 1948. (7) Seaweeds and rocky shores of the Outer Hebrides. Norton & Powell 1979.


Audio cassette recording of Neil MacKinnon of Balevullin talking to Maggie Campbell in February 2001.

Neil MacKinnon of Balevullin talks to Maggie Campbell in February 2001 about the kelp industry on Tiree in the 1800s and the Glassary, collecting, drying and processing tangle over the last 30 years, the best places to find tangle and payment for it past and present; he finishes by talking about ‘feamainn dearg’ which he now collects, where to find it, how it’s processed and its uses in cosmetics.


Newspaper articles `Kelco workers` fury over £2 million Girvan aid bid` and `The Kelco couples who face the loss of two jobs`.

Photocopy of two newspaper articles about (1) workers at Barcaldine`s Kelco International alginate plant are furious with their employers for applying for a £2 million grant to expand its Girvan factory, whilst Barcaldine faces closure, (2) Impact of 80 job losses from Kelco International alginate factory at Barcaldine.


Newspaper articles about the closure of the Barcaldine Kelco factory, 1996

Two articles from the Oban times in 1996: (1) The Scottish Office will persuade Kelco International to delay closure of its Barcaldine plant. (2) Kelco factory closure may be averted if secret talks with another operator are successful


Photocopied newspaper article about the closure of Barcaldine`s Kelco factory

Eighty job losses as Kelco factory closes at Barcaldine. Some workers may be transferred to the Girvan factory, but many will now be unemployed.


Newspaper articles about seaweed cutters losing their jobs in Uist, 1998-99

Two photocopied newspaper articles about the potential loss of jobs in Uist: (1) Kelco – the Girvan-based producer of alginates is to stop buying wet seaweed from the Uists, (2) Meeting about the seaweed industry in the Western Isles following Kelco`s decision to stop taking seaweed from the Uists.