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Book extract ‘The Kingdom of the Isles’ by David Caldwell, 2014. An overview of the sea kingdom of the western isles of Scotland and its links with the Isle of Man, from which it was ruled during the Medieval period. Topics covered include the extent and influence of the kingdom of the isles, administrators, castles, the church, economy, mercenary services, art and architecture.


Book extract ‘The Sea Power of the Western Isles of Scotland in the late Medieval Period’ by David Caldwell, 2015, about the struggle for domination of the isles between Somerled and the Kings of the Isles based on the Isle of Man, during the 14th and 15th centuries. Topics covered are the ships, galleys and birlinns used to patrol the islands, the extent of the island kingdom, the warriors, and the social, legal and political management of the kingdom.


Notes titled ‘A Tyrannical and Tiresome Tirade on Tiree by a Tired Retiree’ on the Medieval history and archaeology of Tiree by David Caldwell, casting doubt on the popular view that Tiree (along with Mull and Islay) was ruled by Somerled and his descendents to the exclusion of the dynasty of kings. David Caldwell, retired Keeper of Medieval Department at the National Museum of Scotland, gave a talk on the subject during a visit to Tiree in April 2016.


Collection of items from an Iron Age or Medieval midden at Balevullin

Cardboard box of 17 artefact bags containing a collection of around 600 pieces of pottery sherds, flints, iron slag, bog iron and iron scrap from the remains of an Iron Age or Medieval midden situated in a blown-out dune on Balevullin machair, 100m north of the road cattlegrid between Kilmoluaig and Balevullin (Baca Charachan). Returned to donor from the Treasure Trove department at the National Museum in Edinburgh.

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