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Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 355, 29/10/2005.

Local news and events including the Tiree Community wind turbine proposal, Tiree Heritage Society summer events, the Wave Classic, news from the councillor Ian Gillies about the Health Board and water shortages, Tiree Community Council, news from Lodge Tir an Eorna, and news from the school and RSPB.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 351, 3/9/2005.

Local news and events including Duncan Urquhart`s selection for the Scotland team competing in the Tour of Britain, the induction of new minister Irene Gillespie, update on Tiree Broadband, the regatta, the prizewinners at the Gardening Club Annual Show and news from the RSPB and letters to the editor.


CD Pròiseact Thiriodh CD-SA1968-32.

Donald Sinclair (Dòmhnall Chaluim Bhàin) of Balephuil talks about poultry feed and flour, gives two proverbs, talks about women wrestling in Tiree, sings a song about the Campbells and MacLeans, talks about Hogmanay rhymes and traditions, sings ‘Calum Bàn’ and ‘Duain Callain’, talks about choosing a dog, about bards and sings two songs miscalling a Moss Bard and sings ‘Maighdeannan na h-Airigh’, talks about weaving patterns and dyeing, using hen dung for washing, sings a waulking song and a lullaby, talks bout using urine for waulking, washing, drying and finishing wool, barn dances, the words used during the process of turning wool to cloth, tailors and weavers.