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Photocopied extracts from book `Witchcraft & Second Sight in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland` by John Gregorson Campbell.

Tales and traditions collected entirely from oral sources by John Gregorson Campbell, minister of Tiree from 1861-91.


Photocopy of book `Argyll Estates Instructions` edited by Eric Cregeen.

The instructions given by John, the 5th Duke of Argyll to his Chamberlain in Mull and Morvern and his Chamberlain in Tiree with an introduction by Eric Cregeen.


Photocopy of a letter 6/1/1979 from Joan Woodcock to the minister on Tiree re the wreck of the `Artuoise`(Artoise).

The sailing ship `Artuoise` was wrecked on Tiree in 1830 and her master, Owen Edwards, drowned and was buried on the island. The writer of the letter who is either the great-grand-daughter or great-great-niece of the master is enquiring about records of the burial. The crew of the Artuoise were buried near Dun Hanais south of Craiginnis behind Ben Hough.



Information and maps of the Hough area, 1768-1805

(1) Extract from `Inhabitants of the Argyll Estate, 1779`, ed. Eric Cregeen, 1963, p139 : Index of Places. (2) Partial map 1768-9 showing Hough area extracted from `Argyll Estate Instructions, 1771-1805` ed. Eric Cregeen, 1964. (3) Hough area from O/S map NL 94 NW.


Photocopied precognititon and indictment of six Tiree men for theft, pillaging, plundering, stouthrief and assault in March 1934.

(1) Account of the shipwreck and looting of its cargo by the inhabitants of Tiree, the stabbing of watchman Archibald MacNeill of Hough in the leg and the outcome of the trial. (2) Description of the charges against John Beaton, Archibald Kennedy, Donald MacMillan, Malcolm MacMillan, Peter MacDonald and James Black, a list of witnesses and their testimony.

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