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Collection of metal tools from a ruin in the 1970s

Assemblage of eight black-painted tools, length of straw rope and a pair of glasses, collected by Ailean Boyd from ruins in the 1970s: forge tongs, head of an open clay spade used for heavy soils of bottoms of ditches, pony shoe, turf edger head, hammer wrench, ash scraper, fork head, unknown head.


The Kerol Stockowner`s Notebook 1924

Small orange/brown card covered notebook for the recording the use of `Kerol` products as stock remedies. Includes instructions for use, testimonials, calendar, advice regarding ailments, and pages for the stockperson`s own notes. Handwritten notes are by Colin MacPhail of Crossapol.



Photograph of John MacFadyen, Barrapol, with a Clydesdale horse in the 1950s

Black & white photograph of John MacFadyen of Lochside Farm, Barrapol, holding a Clydesdale horse at the pier in the 1950s. He was either on his way to the Salen Show or had just taken delivery of the horse.



Photograph of a cattle show at Crossapol Mart in 1966

Black & white photograph of the annual agricultural show on 27 July 1966 at Crossapol Farm house. Shows the wooden livestock pens with the farmhouse in the background and a pale flag with a dark disc in the centre flying over the mart.



Colour photographic slides of Tiree scenes/people from 1950-1980

Eight colour slides (card mounted) of scenes from Tiree 1964-1979. Three colour slides (glass mounted) of people and horses at a cattle show in 1956. Slip of paper with handwritten notes about some of the slides. Annotations include: Flora`s Mum & Dad? – 1965; D & Nan MacLean 8/79; Ian Brown, Balephuil and horse; cattle show; 12/64 Pier Head Calum Salum, `Ian`, Don McIntyre; 21/64 Old Post Office – new van; Cattle Show, Alex McNeil, 1956; 24 Old Post Office, 4 vans & 3 postmen; 35/64 Donald Lamont, landing off Claymore; Donald MacLean and `Morag`; “To the Lean-To”.


Photograph of a group of school children with pony and dog on the machair in 1971

Colour photograph of a group of school children with a prize shield, Eriskay pony `Dapple` and a Labrador dog on the machair in May 1971. L-R standing at back: Drew Beck (P7, the Vet`s son), Duncan McPhee (P6, Mary T`s son); standing 2nd row from back Mairi McPherson (the teacher`s daughter), Alexander McFadyen (pier); middle row seated Jane Weatherston (P7, dentist), Christine Calvert (P6, doctor), Alison Petrie (P6, Scarinish Hotel), Jennifer McFadyen (pier); front row seated Neil McLean, David Weatherston (dentist), Lena McNeil (Scarinish), Jacqueline McFadyen (P7, pier), Mrs McPherson (teacher, her husband was the Headmaster at Cornaigmore). Drew Beck rode his pony to school each day.