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Front cover of a Bernard D Smith & Son calendar

Cardboard front cover of a calendar(? 2013?) made by and advertising Bernard D Smith & Son builders, West Hynish, showing a black & white photograph of the coal puffer `Anzac` unloading coal on Caoles beach in 1952. Photograph accessioned separately as U152.


Photograph of a coal puffer unloading coal at Coales in 1952

Black & white photograph of the coal puffer `Anzac` beached at Caoles in 1952 while horse- and tractor-drawn carts wait for coal to be unloaded on to them. (original stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1; 2014.36.4)



Photograph of a group at the harvest, ca 1940.

Black & white photograph of a man, two women and a dog, next to a horse and cart during harvest around 1940. On the reverse of the photo: “Miss Margaret MacNeill, Croft View, Balephuil, Tiree”. From a collection of photographs from the house of Ellen Kennedy (nee Eilidh MacNeil), Balevullin.



Photograph of Neil Kennedy, Balevullin, with “some toffs” around 1930.

Sepia photographs of Neil Kennedy (on left) with a group of “toffs” in a horse-drawn cart around 1930. Original stored in 2014.5.1 filing cabinet 10 drawer 1.



Photograph of members of the Croish House family, Coales, ca 1900

Sepia photograph of three members of the Croish House family at Caoles with a Clydesdale workhorse around 1900. Found in the attic of Croish House in 2012. See 2011.78.2 for family history.



Tiree Memories 2014 calendar by Alec Walker

Collection of colour and black & white photographs of old Tiree made into a calendar for 2014. Images include scything at Kilmoluaig, Balemartine PO in the early 1900s, Island House in 1924, drawing of Tug o` War in the late 1800s, Malcolm MacArthur at the reins of his grocers cart, Scarinish harbour 1900, Tiree Pipe Band 1977, Tug o` War 1979, milk delivered in old whisky bottles, coal puffer at Scarinish harbour, thatched house 1921, plane Britee-Norman Trislander 1979, ferry `Columba` in 1970s.