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Document detailing the Defence Scheme for the 1st Argyll Home Guard in 1943. It gives the roles of the Home Guard in Argyll, structure, tactics to be taken, assets available etc. See page 8 for Tiree. The Home Guard was preparing for a major land invasion, with very little in the way of defence weapons.

Copyright: The National Archives at Kew


Booklet `The Wind that Shook the Barley` 1999

Booklet about Tiree`s role during WWII, the RAF personnel stationed here, new infrastructure, the effect on the lives of local people, the Home Guard, men off to fight, air accidents and shipwrecks. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Home Guard Certificate of Proficiency for Archie MacLean, Scarinish, 1944

Certificate of Proficiency in subjects including general knowledge, use of rifle, grenade and sten machine carbine, battlecraft and map reading awarded to Archie MacLean, Scarinish, in July 1944 as part of his training for the Tiree Home Guard. Original and photocopy.


Two Home Guard documents belonging to Murdoch MacLean.

Home Guard certificate of proficiency and standard letter of appreciation from the King for Murdoch MacLean who was in the Home Guard from September 1942 to December 1944.


Audio cassette recording of Hugh Maclean of Barrapol talking to Dr John Holliday in September 1998.

Hugh MacLean (Eòghann Dhòmhnaill Eòghainn Mhòir) talks to Dr John Holliday in September 1998 about his upbringing, the early days of WWII, HMS Sturdy and other shipwrecks, the Home Guard, the crash of the Sylvia Scarlett and the mid-air collision of two Halifaxes, the Home Guard v. RAF shooting match, shops, diet and ration books, medical services and Dr Hunter, social life, dances and film shows, Italian POWs, the raising of the Loch Seaforth and meeting the German tug captain.


Black and white photograph of the Tiree Home Guard during WWII.

Tiree Home Guard. L-R: (front row) Donald MacIntyre, Gott; Calum Maclean, Salum; Alasdair Brown, Kilkenneth; Jock Graham; MacLaren (factor); Hugh MacArthur, Tullymet; Walter Hume, Hynish; Calum MacIntyre, Gott; Donald Archie Allan, Balephuil; (back row) Robert MacMaster, Kenovay; Hugh MacArthur, Caoles; Donald MacKechnie, Kilmoluaig; Donald MacLean, Vaul; Alasdair MacInnes, Ruaig; Hugh MacLean, Barrapol; Donald Campbell, Balemartine; Sandy Campbell, East Hynish; Neil MacDonald, Skipnish; Calum MacDonald, Mannal.