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Two articles in `Scottish Studies No. 32` regarding historian Eric Cregeen of Tiree, and another regarding John Francis Campbell, 1998.

Two articles in `Scottish Studies No. 32` regarding Eric Cregeen: (1) `Eric Radcliffe Cregeen 1921-1983` by Margaret MacKay, Director of the School of Scottish Studies, (2) `Oral Tradition and History in a Hebridean Island` – a critical assessment of oral history as a historical source by Eric Cregeen. (3) ‘Here I am in Another World: John Francis Campbell and Tiree’ by Margaret MacKay.


Paperback book `A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland circa 1695` by Martin Martin, 1703

Written by Martin Martin a native and Gaelic speaker, it casts light on the Hebrides when the old structure of society held sway before the Jacobite rebellions (for Tiree see pp 294-6). Includes Martin Martin`s `A Voyage to St Kilda`, and `A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland` 1549, by Sir Donald Monro, High Dean of the Isles, which presents an account of a pastoral visit to the islands still coping with the turbulent period after the fall of the Lords of the Isles.