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Photograph of the road to Caoles from Croish in 1983

Colour photograph of the view from Croish House, Caoles, looking towards Gunna Sound in 1983. (original stored on CD in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1)



Photograph of Christine MacDonald, Scarinish, receiving a Silk Cut Nautical Award in 1991

Black & white photograph of Christine MacDonald (MacClounnan, nee MacFarlane) receiving a Silk Cut Nautical Award at the Dorchester Hotel in London in 1991. Christine rescued her boyfriend Kenneth MacLounnan, Balephuil, when the fishing boat `Travee`, skippered by Kevan Brown, Balephuil, sank in Gunna Sound in 1991. (see also newspaper cuttings 2012.74.1 and award 2012.74.2).



Section of sub-sea power cable between Tiree & Gunna

Section of the sub-sea power cable that conducts electricity to Tiree from the mainland. The section was cut from between Gunna and Tiree when the power cable was broken and replaced in 2011. Three-phase current at 11,000 volts (compared with the Islay cable which operates at 33,000 volts). Yellow and black outer sheath, inner protection of ring of steel wires, followed by ring of lead insulation around inner electrical cable of three copper cores. Includes hand-drawn annoted section.


Book “To the Islands”

Hard-back book “To the Islands” by the archaeologist Professor Steven Mithen, University of Reading, about his years of searches for evidence of prehistoric communities in the Hebridean islands. Includes Tiree, Gunna and Coll in chapters 12-14 & 19. Signed by the author with a note to Dr John Holliday, An Iodhlann.


Photocopied photograph from the `Bulletin` of wreck of the `Tapti`, with printout of webpage from Mallaig Heritage Centre.

Photograph of the wreck of MV `Tapti` at Gunna in January 1951 publiched in the `Bulletin`; printout of webpage from Mallaig Heritage Centre about the `Tapti`.


Archaeological survey and evaluation of Port na Cille, Gunna.

Archaeological survey and evaluation of Port na Cille, Gunna carried out Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division in 1997.


Compilation of video clips regarding Tiree, around 1980-1990

Compilation VHS cassette tape of 10 video clips related to Tiree in Gaelic & English, from the belongings of Jim MacIntyre: (1) Dè a` Nis with Michael Holliday (00:00:00: – 00:04:47) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 86), (2) Tiree Wave Classic 1991 (00:04:50 – 00:27:05) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 100), (3) Tiree Feis Dance (00:27:09 – 00:38:06) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 14), (4) `Aig Baile` interviews with Eoghann MacIlleathain, Eachann Caimbeul, Eilidh & Ailean Caimbeul, Floraidh NicPhail, Iain Chaluim, Domhnall Caimbeul. (00:38:11 -01:07:19) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 23), (5) BBC News item about the Tiree Wave Classic. (01:07:19 -01:12:18) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 23), (6) Tiree Wave Classic 1987 (01:12:19 – 01:40:48) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 29), (7) MacLennan Motors Transport first day of operation. (01:40:54 – 01:45:15) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 21), (8) One Night on Gunna – Ross MacLennan`s 12th birthday. (01:45:28 – 02:12:09) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 21), (9) Horse Riding Demo at Caoles. (02:12:10 – 02:27:26) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 21), (10) Tiree School Sports. (02:27:26 – 02:30:23) (Jim MacIntyre Video No 21).