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Audio cassette recording of Mary Davies and her sister Jessie Ann Goddard interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Kilmoluaig on 6/9/2002.

Sisters Mary Davies and Jessie Ann Goddard talk to Maggie Campbell in September 2002 about their childhood on Tiree during World War II, their schooldays, Crossapol and its people, their diet during the war, the ‘medicine’ they took as children to ward off colds and cleanse the blood, the games they played, their clothing and dances on Tiree.


Audio cassette recording of Katina MacDonald interviewed by Maggie Campbell at Tigh a` Rudha on 23/5/2002.

Maggie Campbell talks to Katina MacDonald in May 2002 about her childhood days in Balephuil, the way of life in the 1920s, church-going and baptisms, the shops, the healing powers of Dòmhnall Chaluim Bhain, the well in Balephuil Tobair Mhoire, songs and the poet Alasdair Sinclair (Alasdair Nèill Og), thatching and cleaning methods. Tha Magaidh Chaimbeul a’ bruidhinn ri Katina Nic Dhòmhnaill ’s a’ Cheitean 2002 mu làithean a h-òige ann am Baile Phuill; an dòigh beatha ’s na 1920an; an eaglais agus na baistidhean; na bùthan; comas-leigheis Dhòmhnaill Chaluim Bhàin; Tobar Mhòire ann am Baile Phuill; òrain agus am bard Alasdair Nèill Òig; an tughadh agus dòighean glanaidh.

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