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Audio cassette recording of Elsie MacKinnon of Lodge Farm, Kirkapol talking to her daughter Fiona MacKinnon in June 1998.

Elsie MacKinnon of Lodge Farm, Kirkapol talks to her daughter Fiona in June 1998 about her adoption by Katie MacKinnon in 1925 when aged 9, the differences between Ashford in Middlesex where she came from and Tiree, her schooldays in Scarinish and Kirkapol, the work she did on Saturdays, toys and presents, Sundays on Tiree, the work on the croft, learning Gaelic, the population of the island, school sports, the work her aunt did and playing with friends, a school picnic at the Ringing Stone, the sense of community, fostering children, the people in Kirkapol, the construction of Ormer Cottage and the fire in the Scarinish shop.


Video recording of three editions of the BBC children`s programme `De a-nis` broadcast 1995-1996.

Three recordings of the BBC children`s programme `De a-nis` broadcast 1995-1996: (1) Allan Campbell of Kilmoluaig demonstrating wind-surfing; (2) Allan Campbell of Kilmoluaig wind-surfing, playing football at the school and playing the bagpipes; (2) Michael Holliday of Baugh playing table tennis with his mother Clare Jones, football with his father Dr John Holliday and at school and table football with his mother. (Each clip is 4-6 minutes long) The first programme has a 30 minute section about the history of Scottish bagpipes.


Video recording of an unknown BBC programme about boarded out children broadcast in 1996.

Programme about children boarded out to Hebridean islands, the work they did on the crofts and how they were treated, featuring Hector MacPhail of Ruaig, Bernie Smith of West Hynish, Jean MacCallum of Balevullin, Robert Gray of Balemartine, Tommy Monaghan of Heanish and John Fletcher of Balemartine.


Black and white photograph of Margaret MacKinnon and Ann MacKenzie.

Margaret MacDougall (1894-1961), the wife of Captain Neil MacKinnon (see E148) and the daughter of Rev. Allan MacDougall of Milton and his wife Catherine MacDonald from Skye. The MacKinnons adopted the girl, Ann MacKenzie, two years old in the photograph, who is the sister of Alex and John MacKenzie of Milton.



Audio cassette recording of Janet MacIntosh of Scarinish talking to Maggie Campbell on 21/5/2004.

Janet MacIntosh of Urvaig talks to Maggie Campbell in May 2004 about her schooldays in Balemartine, her childhood and wartime memories, Sunday customs, her travels round Scotland as a pilgrim, women’s clothing and work, baptisms in Tiree, the 19th century Baptist revival on the Ross of Mull, the Community Council, differences between the east and west of Tiree, self education, second sight and ghost stories, Tiree Bards, the hardness of life in the past with poverty, disease and the death of children; Janet finishes by singing a hymn composed by Neil MacDonald of Kilmoluaig


Audio cassette recording of Janet MacIntosh talking to Maggie Campbell in March 2000.

Janet MacIntosh of Caoles and Balinoe talks to Maggie Campbell in March 2000 about her schooldays in Balemartine, her pastimes, the delivery of a telegram from Balinoe Post Office, wartime and the pictures, the funeral of 16 RAF crew members who died in a plane crash, monthly ceilidhs, dances and Gaelic plays, travelling shops, funerals, transport, gathering and cooking seafood and seaweed, and the health benefits of sea water.