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Collection of 36 flint lithics from a dune blow-out at Traigh nan Gilean, Kennavara (NL 94668 41595), including one larger marked piece (8 x 6.5 cm). Collected by John Wombell during a North of Scotland Archaeological Society (NOSAS) field trip in June 2017.


Three small flint flakes found at NM 023483 on the patch from Balephetrish to the Ringing Stone: (1) near a small clearance cairn amidst broad rig cultivation – secondary flake 24 x 12 x 2mm, slight edge damage/wear on one side, possible adaptation by flake removal to make a burin, (2) in a sheep scrape in same general area but nearer the beach 28 x 13 x 10 mm, secondary flake, edge wear, also possible adaptation as a burin, (3) small flint chip – spall.


Photograph of a collection of polished stones from Tiree

Colour photograph of a collection of small stones from Tiree that have been worked and polished to make fruit sculptures and jewellery, and held in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. Includes green marble, quartz, flint and red-green marble.



Collection of items from an Iron Age or Medieval midden at Balevullin

Cardboard box of 17 artefact bags containing a collection of around 600 pieces of pottery sherds, flints, iron slag, bog iron and iron scrap from the remains of an Iron Age or Medieval midden situated in a blown-out dune on Balevullin machair, 100m north of the road cattlegrid between Kilmoluaig and Balevullin (Baca Charachan). Returned to donor from the Treasure Trove department at the National Museum in Edinburgh.


Collection of flints from Port Snoig, West Hynish, 2013

Large chert (flint) pebble, one smaller chert pebble and three worked chert fragments found by chance at Port Snoig, West Hynish (NL 96813 38707) on a steep eroding `cow path` up from a small sheltered beach of pebbles, at about 8m above MHWM. All are labelled and include: a knapped piece of core, a thumb scraper, a backed blade, and map and detailed notes by the finder.