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Photograph of Sarah/Marion Campbell of Balephuil ca 1870

Black & white photograph of Sarah / Marion Campbell of Balephuil (b.1835) (centre), her daughter Catherine MacRae (b. 1872 Glasgow) (left), and an unknown woman (right), taken around 1870. Sarah worked at Gartnavel Lunatic Assylum where she met her husband John MacRae. Sarah / Marion was the daughter of John Campbell of Balephuil and wife Mary Campbell (nee McMillan/Bell). Mary Campbell was one of the women accused of being witches and causing the Balephuil fishing disaster of 1856 in which her husband John drowned. Original print in filing cab 10 drawer 1.



Book `Agricultural Surveys: Hebrides (1811)` by James MacDonald A.M.

Softback-bound reprint of an 1811 review of Agriculture in the Hebrides. Full title: “General view of the agriculture of the Hebrides, or Western Isles of Scotland: with observations on the means of their improvement, together with a separate account of the principal islands; comprehending their resources, fisheries, manufactures, manners, and agriculture, drawn up under the direction of The Board of Agriculture, with several maps.


Booklet `Songs amongst the Stones` 2000

Booklet about the archaeology of Tiree from middens and standing stones, to religions and lifestyle. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Glass bottle from Holland washed up on the shore in 2012

Large square clear glass bottle with metal screw cap, found on a Tiree shore in 2012. Embossed “HOLLAND” on one side and “P.BOKMA` on other, with “106.8”, a star and other symbols on the bottom. Probably discarded overboard from a Dutch fishing vessel.


List of boats used on Tiree and Coll in 1847, and their state of repair.

Table listing the names of boat owners on Tiree (76) and Coll (4) in 1847, along with township, length of keel, crew size, rig of boat, state of hull, state of oars, state of sails, state of hasts(?), state of tackling, sum required for repairs, state of small long lines, state of long lines, state of hand lines, state of hooks, sum required for fishing gear. Extracted from a government report on the measures adopted for the relief of distress in Scotland. Accession includes title & contents pages of the report. Full report downloaded from EPPI website to An Iodhlann computer.



Newspaper articles about the rescue of a fisherman by his girlfriend in Gunna Sound in 1991

11 newspaper cuttings about the rescue of Kenneth MacClounnan, Balephuil, by his girlfriend Christine MacFarlane, when their fishing boat `Travee`, skippered by Kevan Brown, Balephuil, sank in Gunna Sound in 1991. Bound within a `Silk Cut Nautical Awards` folder. Christine was presented with the award for her bravery at the Dorchester Hotel in London in 1991 (see photo R125 and object 2012.74.2).


Silk Cut Nautical Award presented to Christine MacClounnan (nee MacFarlane) in 1991.

Silk Cut Nautical Award presented to Christine MacClounnan (nee MacFarlane) at the Dorchester Hotel in London in 1991, for her bravery when rescuing her husband Kenneth MacClounnan, Balephuil, from drowning. The couple were out in Kevan Brown`s, Balephuil, fishing boat `Travee` in Gunna Sound when a freak wave wrecked the boat. Christine prevented Kenneth (who could not swim) from being washed out to sea by dragging him ashore with her – an effort that took an hour of swimming in difficult conditions. Glass and brass on marble plinth.


Photograph of Christine MacDonald, Scarinish, receiving a Silk Cut Nautical Award in 1991

Black & white photograph of Christine MacDonald (MacClounnan, nee MacFarlane) receiving a Silk Cut Nautical Award at the Dorchester Hotel in London in 1991. Christine rescued her boyfriend Kenneth MacLounnan, Balephuil, when the fishing boat `Travee`, skippered by Kevan Brown, Balephuil, sank in Gunna Sound in 1991. (see also newspaper cuttings 2012.74.1 and award 2012.74.2).