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Photocopied letter dated 1902 and a 1912 newspaper article about the boat slip at Balemartine.

(1) Letter from the fishermen of Balemartine dated 2/4/1902 to the County Clerk requesting assurances that the Council will maintain the boat slip at Balemartine once it is repaired, (2) newspaper article about donations made by the Duke of Argyll and Lord Archibald Campbell to the erection of the boat slip at Balemartine.


Audio cassette recording of Alasdair MacArthur, Helensburgh interviewed by Maggie Campbell on 15/7/2002.

Alasdair MacArthur of Helensburgh talks to Maggie Campbell in July 2002 about his childhood memories of Tiree, the first flights to island, the Sturdy, Balevullin and its people, regattas, fishing and Tiree’s first vet, his uncle Duncan MacLean.


Copy of newspaper article `Struggle to wake Tiree from its long slumber`.

Article about the lack of bustle, natural resources, employment and care for the elderly on Tiree, with photographs of (L-R) Ernie Green and Willie Robertosn on board the lobster boat at Milton `Venture`, and Iain and Hugh MacKinnon in Kilmoluaig.


Book `Scottish Country Life` by Alexander Fenton.

Crofting History – ploughing, harvesting, threshing, drying and grinding grain; root crops, tools, drainage, the shieling, grass and hay, diary products, farm buildings, livestock, fuel, transport, crafts and trades, fairs and markets, food and drink. Pages 25, 45, 174 & 203 refer to Tiree.

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