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Hardback book ‘The Small Regiment, Vol. 1 – Origins of the Clan MacKinnon, 100BCE-1621CE’ by G McKinnon and E E McKinnon. The origins of the Clan MacKinnon and the influences that shaped its history within the context of Hebridean and Scottish history, to 1621. Clan MacKinnon Publishing, Canada, 2017.


Book extract ‘The Kingdom of the Isles’ by David Caldwell, 2014. An overview of the sea kingdom of the western isles of Scotland and its links with the Isle of Man, from which it was ruled during the Medieval period. Topics covered include the extent and influence of the kingdom of the isles, administrators, castles, the church, economy, mercenary services, art and architecture.


Book extract ‘The Sea Power of the Western Isles of Scotland in the late Medieval Period’ by David Caldwell, 2015, about the struggle for domination of the isles between Somerled and the Kings of the Isles based on the Isle of Man, during the 14th and 15th centuries. Topics covered are the ships, galleys and birlinns used to patrol the islands, the extent of the island kingdom, the warriors, and the social, legal and political management of the kingdom.


Notes titled ‘A Tyrannical and Tiresome Tirade on Tiree by a Tired Retiree’ on the Medieval history and archaeology of Tiree by David Caldwell, casting doubt on the popular view that Tiree (along with Mull and Islay) was ruled by Somerled and his descendents to the exclusion of the dynasty of kings. David Caldwell, retired Keeper of Medieval Department at the National Museum of Scotland, gave a talk on the subject during a visit to Tiree in April 2016.


Medal commemorating the 60th year of the reign of Queen Victoria, 1897

Bronze(?) commemorative medal. Bears Queen Victoria`s head in profile and the words “Victoria Regina 1837-1897” on one side, and “In commemoration of the 60th year of the reign of Queen Victoria June ?? 1897. The gift of the Duchess of Argyll” on the other side. A small hole has been drilled through at the top, presumably for a chain or ribbon. Originally from Donald Meek`s house “MacDonald”.


CD-ROM labelled “Duke of Argyll” containing scanned pages of an 18th century notebook

CD-ROM from Linda Brackenbury, Coll, labelled “Duke of Argyll” containing digital images of 11 hand-written pages from a personal notebook (belonging to the Duke?). Style of writing and page quality suggests 18th century. Content unclear.


Paragraph about the introduction of the potato to the Hebrides from “General View of the Agriculture of the Hebrides” by James MacDonald A.M.

Typed transcript of a paragraph about the introduction of the potato to the Hebrides in 1743, by James MacDonald. It describes the reluctance of the tenants to grow potatoes and the eventual domination in their diet.


Typed tale about John `Diùrach` MacLean – “Big Dewar of Balemartine, Tiree”

Typed account of John MacLean (Mull & Jura) who came to live in Balemartine,Tiree. Known locally as Dewar (Diùrach), he was reknown for his resistance to pay tax to the Duke of Argyll. Unknown date of birth but likely between 1750 and 1820.

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Appendix I: Witnesses before the Napier Commission, from “Tiree – an unauthorised biography”

Printout of Appendix I: Witnesses before the Napier Commission, from “Tiree – an unauthorised biography”. List of the names, ages, occupations and townships of the Tiree witnesses that stood before the Napier Commission in 1883.

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