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Photocopied letter dated 14/7/1917 from Donald Paterson in Patagonia to his son.

Letter dated 14th July 1917 from Donald Paterson in Patagonia to his son promising to send him £30 for his fare to Patagonia where he can work as a shepherd and see his brother Dannie and his sister Sarah who is in the Falklands.


Audio cassette recording of Johnny MacKenzie of Caoles talking to Dr John Holliday in September 1998.

Johnny MacKenzie of Caoles talks to Dr John Holliday in September 1998 about his early years in Tiree and Glasgow, his career as a football player with Partick Thistle, the war years and playing football in the army, the teams he played for, the staff, players, management and support at Partick Thistle, conditions and kit, diet and routine before and after playing, great players and partnerships, travelling and playing for Scotland, injuries and the game today and his memories after retiring from football.


Report `Tiree Socio-Economic Assessment` by the Scottish Agricultural College, February 2004.

Report by the Scottish Agicultural College and commissioned by Tiree Development Partnership which provides baseline data to highlight key features of Tiree`s social and economic structure, recent trends and future implications using SWOT analysis ( Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 318, 1/5/2004.

Local news and events including the visit of the Waverley paddle steamer, the retirement of Morag MacLean from Taigh a` Rudha, letter from Councillor Iain Gillies, update from the Tiree Development Partnership, the Milton Fishermen`s Fund and news from the RSPB, the school and the WRI.


Folder titled `Tiree Ward Minutes` containing District Council papers dated from 1952 to 1964.

Folder titled `Tiree Ward Minutes` containing minutes of Tiree Ward meetings and Coll Ward meetings from 1952 to 1964 and some correspondence with Argyll County Council.



Transcription of an extract from ‘Tirey’ in ‘The Rev. Dr. John Walker’s Report on the Hebrides of 1764 and 1771’ edited by Margaret M. MacKay.

Courtesy of John Donald Publishers

The Rev Dr John Walker, minister of Moffat and a pioneer of scientific botany and geology, was sent to the Hebrides in 1764 and 1771 by the Commission for Annexed Estates to report on the social conditions, population and the state of manufacture, agriculture and fisheries.

He found the waters round Tiree teeming with fish but no fishing equipment on the island. In 1792, Rev Archibald McColl lamented that the local fishermen seemed unable to compete with those from other islands or the east coast who were taking full advantage of the nearby fishing banks.

The reasons for this he attributed to the daily involvement of crofters with their land and animals and to their poverty which disinclined them to risk what little savings they had purchasing equipment easily lost in bad weather.