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Photograph of Lamont Dock, Hong Kong, c. 1905.

Black & white photograph of Lamont Dock in Hong Kong around 1905. The Lamont Dock was completed in 1860 and is named after John Lamont who was from Tiree. When John Lamont and Admiral Sir James Hope built the docks, they accurately foresaw the tremendous width of ships of the future. Original emailed news article extract in Filing cabinet 9 drawer 3.



The MacFadyen-McPhadden Family in Coll & Tiree

CD containing a written account of the history and genealogy of the MacFadyen/McPhadden family of Coll and Tiree, compiled by descendants Glenda Franklin and Gene Donald Lamont of Canada, in 2011. Includes ancestors and descendants of Hugh MacFadyen, Salum (1840-1935).


The MacFadyen – McPhadden Family in Coll and Tiree, 2011

Bound printed copy of Glenda Franklin`s (Canada) research into her Tiree and Coll ancestry. Alexander McPhadden (1790-1878) lived in Croish House, Caoles, before emigrating to Ontario, Canada, with his family in 1806. He was Glenda`s great-great-grandfather. (Signed by Glenda to An Iodhlann 29 July 2011)


Information about Tiree emmigration ships in the mid 1800s

Copied extract from the book “An Unstoppable Force: The Scottish Exodus to Canada”, listing the names of the ships on which people from Argyll emigrated to Canada, the year (1843-1850), the number of passengers, where from, the source of funds, and ship details. Includes Tiree emigrants.


Booklet “Gaelic in a Bruce County (Canada) Tiree Settlement”

Booklet by Tiree descendent Archie MacKinnon about his recollections of his Gaelic-speaking community in Bruce County, Canada. Includes photographs and the entire booklet on DVD with embedded audio files.


Photograph of `Doonside` the original home of Sir Donald MacLean, New Zealand and Kilmoluaig, 1850s

Sepia photograph of `Doonside` the original home of Sir Donald MacLean, at Maraekakako, near Napier, New Zealand. Probably taken in the late 1850s. Donald MacLean emigrated from Kilmoluaig to New Zealand in 1838, estabilishing a farm at Maraekakako and eventually becoming Minister for Native Affairs and Minister of Defence (see book 2009.84.3 “The best man who ever served the crown?”). The house was built by him but was subsequently destroyed by fire. It was replaced by the present building known as `The Cottage` (see photo 2010.20.2 ; M199).