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Hardback book `The Outer Hebrides` edited by David Gilbertson, Martin Kent and John Grattan.

The research activities of a group of earth scientists, ecologists, geographers, archaeologists and conservation specialists over a five year period presenting the current knowledge of the nature and evolution of the comtemporary environment of the Outer Hebrides.


Report about the natural heritage future for the Western Isles, Tiree and Coll.

Methods of maintaining natural environments and the local populations in the Western Isles, Tiree and Coll.


Scottish Office information about the Argyll Islands Environmentally Sensitive Area.

Scottish Office explanatory leaflet for crofters, farmers, and common grazings committees in the Argyll Islands Environmentally Sensitive Area, with maps.


Draft report about the aggregate resources and requirements on Tiree by Dr Paul J Henney and Jon Merritt of the British Geological Survey.

Review of the available sand and gravel resources on the island and consideration of alternative sources with a view to ensuring that local aggregate requirements are met while keeping the environmental impact to a minimum, plus O/S map showing sites of aggregate resources.


Report on the Reef RSPB reserve by Alan Leitch and John Bowler.

Plan to `maintain and enhance the Reef as one of the largest and best examples in the Hebrides of an uncultivated, cattle-grazed, wet and dry machair mosaic which supports internationally and nationally important bird assembalges, botanical communities and geomorphological features.`


Book `Isles of the West` by Ian Mitchell.

Illustrated description of a three-month voyage around the Hebrides in 1996, with the aim of exploring the effects of land reform, nature conservation and the commercial promotion of `heritage`. Chapter on Tiree pp 26-40.


Paperback book `Natural Environment of the Inner Hebrides` edited by John Morton Boyd and D. R. Bowes.

The geology, marine and freshwater environment, vegetation and flora, evolution and fauna, land use and natural resources of the Inner Hebrides.


Photocopy of article `On Tiree and Coll` by David Stroud from an unknown publication.

The wetlands of Tiree and Coll and the birdlife they support.

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