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Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 32, 27/11/1991.

Local news including forthcoming visit from CalMac representative, restricted petrol supplies at Balemartine, the Hynish Centre, changes in the school tuck shop, Cornaigmore – part 1 by Sandy MacKinnon and a meeting between the Crofters Union and the RSPB to discuss Environmentally Sensitive Areas on Tiree.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 39, 25/3/1992.

Local news including the continuing petrol crisis, increase in air fares and technical problems with the Twin Otter, the designatiom of Tiree as an ESA, School Board news, Cornaigmore – part 4 by Sandy MacKinnon and memories of Tiree in the 1930s by Meena Knapman.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 62, 26/5/1993.

Local news including the wreckage of Chay Blyth`s boat in Port a` Mhuilinn, the re-assessment of Council Tax Valuation Banding, the weather, coastal erosion, Kilkenneth 3 by Sandy MacKinnon, trees on Tiree, the sighting of a golden eagle at Milton and the forthcoming botanical survey of Tiree.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 71, 1/12/1993.

Local news including the third attempt in a year to form a Community Council, sand dune erosion caused by windsurfers, the craft fair at the Lodge, the upgrading of the airport, the weather, Greenhill by Sandy MacKinnon, and news from the Gaelic choir and the playgroups.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 73, 19/1/1994.

Local news including the election of a new Community Council, update on vehicles boarding `The Lord of the Isles` at Tobermory, the resignation of District Councillor Donnie Campbell, the recycling of waste paper, an article about the benefits of aspirin by the doctor, the winter goose survey, the Gaelic Partnership and wildlife protection for the Reef.


Scottish Natural Heritage report No. 34: `Information review on the impact of kelp harvesting` by Dr Martin Wilkinson.

Report detailing the kelp resources around Scotland, the effect of their removal on the ecosystem and the advisability of instituting a management system.