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Paperback book `Somerled and the emergence of Gaelic in Scotland` by John Marsden.

History of Somerled and a `proposal of his importance as the one personality who, more than any other, represents the first fully fledged emergence of the medieval Celtic-Scandinavian province from which the Gaelic Scotland of today is directly descended.`


Photocopied extract from `Orkneyinga Saga` edited by Joseph Anderson.

Preface (pp 1, 4-7), map of `Skotland`, Introduction: King Magnus ravages the Hebrides including Tiree in 1097 (pp34-35), Chapter 60: How Swein, Asleif`s son, came to stay with Holdbodi in Tiree (1page).


Photocopy of doctoral thesis `Norse settlement in the Inner Hebrides, ca 800-1300` by Anne Johnston. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/8764276.pdf

Norse colonial settlement in The Inner Hebridean isalnds of Mull, Coll, Tiree and Lismore, with bibliography and comments on the thesis by Reg Knapman, Kenovay.


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