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Audio cassette recording of George Holleyman talking to Dr Euan Mackie in An Iodhlann on 26/7/2000.

George Holleyman talks to Dr Euan Mackie of the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow in July 2000 about the Stone Age flints, bronze objects and Iron Age pottery that he found in Balevullin and Balephuil while he was a service policeman on Tiree during 1941 to 1943. Also present are Ian Atkins of Balephuil and Maggie Campbell of Kilmoluaig.


Audio cassette recording of Dr Euan Mackie talking to Dr John Holliday in April 2000.

Dr Euan Mackie, Honorary Research Fellow of the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow talks to Dr John Holliday in April 2000 about his career in archaeology, the excavation of Dùn Mòr at Vaul 1962-1964, daily life on the dig, his work as director, the changes in thinking of British archaeologists since the 1960s, the history of the occupation of the broch and the likelihood of Stone Age occupation of Tiree. (Continues on AC213)


Dr Euan Mackie talking about the Vaul broch

Sound clip in English of Dr Euan Mackie talking in 2000 about the excavation of the broch at Vaul.

Courtesy of Dr Euan Mackie

Dr Euan Mackie, Honorary Research Fellow of the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow and director of the excavation of Dùn Mòr in Vaul, talks to Dr John Holliday in April 2000 about the implications of the dig for Scottish archaeology and for himself personally.

Initially Dr Mackie requested permission from Argyll Estates to excavate a machair site at Balevullin where A. Henderson Bishop had found Iron Age pottery and other artefacts in 1912. This was refused because the area was used for grazing cattle.

An alternative site of the broch at Vaul was acceptable. Dr Mackie directed the excavations there over three seasons in the early 1960s which produced a wealth of material from the late 6th or 5th century B.C. to the 2nd or 3rd century A.D. The finds are stored in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow.


Audio cassette recording of a talk `The Archaeology of Tiree` by Professor Steven Mithen in An Talla, Crossapol on 26/8/2004.

Talk ‘The Archaeology of Tiree’ given by Professor Steven Mithen of Reading University in An Talla in August 2004 and introduced by Dr John Holliday. Prof. Mithen talks about the earliest settlers in the Southern Hebrides around 6000BC, their probable lifestyle and tools, the traces they’ve left such as flints, bone tools, middens and charcoal deposits, the survey work the Reading team have been conducting on Tiree including ground penetrating radar and peat cores and the work they hope to do on Tiree in the future.


Hardback book `Coll and Tiree` by Erskine Beveridge, re-printed in 2000.

Account of the history of Coll, Tiree and the Treshnish Isles from research undertaken in at the end of the 19th century into domestic, pre-Christian and Christian sites and the artefacts and other remains found in them.


Hardback book `Hebridean Journey` by Halliday Sutherland.

An account of the tour by the author around the Hebrides by steamer (for Tiree see pp 108-138).


Paperback book `Highlanders – A history of the Gaels` by John MacLeod.

The story of the Gaels from Mesolithic man, through the Celts, the Vikings and the Lord of the Isles to the Stuart monarchy, the events following Culloden and the forced emigration, the Evangelical Movement and the Crofters` War, and the current situation..