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Audio cassette recording of Janet MacIntosh talking to Maggie Campbell in March 2000.

Janet MacIntosh of Caoles and Balinoe talks to Maggie Campbell in March 2000 about her schooldays in Balemartine, her pastimes, the delivery of a telegram from Balinoe Post Office, wartime and the pictures, the funeral of 16 RAF crew members who died in a plane crash, monthly ceilidhs, dances and Gaelic plays, travelling shops, funerals, transport, gathering and cooking seafood and seaweed, and the health benefits of sea water.


Colour photograph of a pantomime in Crossapol Hall.

Pantomime `Hook` (?) in Crossapol Hall. L-R: (back) Mairi Lyndsay Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Margaret MacLean, Kilmoluaig; Siobhan Gillespie, Crossapol; (front) Mhairi Green, Mannal; Emma Ryan, Hynish; Fiona Grant, Ruaig; Heather MacDonald, Hynish.



Newspaper article about the Glasgow Gaelic Drama Association Annual Festival.

Article about the plays and players in the Glasgow Gaelic Drama Association Annual Festival including Neil Brownlie and Mabel Kennedy.


Book of three Gaelic plays titled `Tri Comhraidhean`.

Gaelic play `Na Fasain Ura` written by Morag MacDonald which 1st prize in the 1927 Mod. (Morag was a teacher at Balemartine School and aunt of Flora MacPhail, Skipnish.)