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Photocopied article about the loss the Fokker `Sylvia Scarlet`, with an accompanying letter..

(1) Article from `Fly Past` Magazine, 1982, about the loss of the Fokker plane `Sylvia Scarlet` shortly after departing from Tiree on 3/7/1943. (2) Letter from Peter Moran, editor of `Aviation Archaeologist` Magazine, dated 27/11/1981 to donor, giving information about the crew of the `Sylvia Scarlet`.


Account by George Holleyman of his life on Tiree 1941-43.

Account by amateur archaeologist George Holleyman of his time in the RAF Service Police on Tiree from September 1941 to June 1943


Account by George Holleyman of his time in the RAF on Tiree 1941-1943.

Account by George Holleymen, an amateur archaeologist, of his time in RAF Tiree as a Service Policeman. Two more copies added in 2011 (E01206).


Audio cassette recording of Mike Hughes talking about Tiree during World War II.

Mike Hughes talks about Tiree as a strategic location, description of photographs shown during talk, the wireless station, hangars and Nissen huts, aircraft, shipwrecks, collisions, the Home Guard, entertainment and some details of manoevres in around Oban.


The wreck of the ‘Ocean Tide’

Photograph of the wreck of the ‘Ocean Tide’ off Mannal in 1942.


Courtesy of Ms Linda Gowans

George Holleyman, an archaeologist in the RAF police posted to Tiree during World War II, photographed the wreck of the ‘Ocean Tide’ in January 1942. A trawler from Leith, the ‘Ocean Tide’ had run aground off Mannal in poor weather.

Repeated attempts were made by RAF personnel and three local volunteer coastguards to shoot a line to the stricken vessel without success. Buffeted by the wind and the incoming tide, the trawler was listing so badly it was in danger of turning over.

The crew made a last desperate attempt to save themselves and launched a small boat. Within minutes they lost control and were driven on to a rocky promontory. By luck, two of the lines had caught on the rocks and the six crew members, one of them injured, were able to struggle ashore.

Black and white photograph of SS Ocean Tide in 1942.

The SS Ocean Tide on the rocks at Mannal in January 1942 photographed by George Holleyman.


Photocopy of a letter 6/1/1979 from Joan Woodcock to the minister on Tiree re the wreck of the `Artuoise`(Artoise).

The sailing ship `Artuoise` was wrecked on Tiree in 1830 and her master, Owen Edwards, drowned and was buried on the island. The writer of the letter who is either the great-grand-daughter or great-great-niece of the master is enquiring about records of the burial. The crew of the Artuoise were buried near Dun Hanais south of Craiginnis behind Ben Hough.


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