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Paperback book `The Gaelic of Islay: A Comparative Study` by Seumas Grannd.

Comparison of the vernacular Gaelic of Islay with that of other Gaelic dialects found in Argyll and Arran and the relationship of Islay Gaelic to a variety of dialects within Scotland, especially Lewis, Skye, Wester Ross, Badenoch, Strathspey and East Perthshire. (Location information: lying flat at left end of Bardachd section)


Paperback book `The Orkney Norn` by Hugh Marwick.

A dictionary, hsitory and etymology of the Orcadian dialect. (Location information: lying flat at left end of Bardachd section)


Hardback book `Gaelic Words and Expressions from South Uist and Eriskay` collected by Fr Allan MacDonald and edited by J. L. Campbell.

Collection of Gaelic words and expressions from South Uist and Eriskay.


Paperback book ` A Pronouncing Dictionary of Scottish Gaelic` by Henry Cyril Dieckhoff.

A pronouncing dictionary of Scottish Gaelic based on the Glengarry dialect according to oral information obtained from natives born before the middle of 19th century.


Book `A Highland Chapbook` by Isabel Cameron.

Folk literature of the Highlands, including chapters on Douglas Graham, Folk Words and sayings, (Gaelic and Scots) charms, omens, witches and warlocks, magic, shape shifting, the Brotherhood of the Horseman`s word, water kelpies and religion.