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Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 312, 7/2/2004.

Local news and events including the forthcoming study of Tiree by the Islands Energy Agency, Councillor`s View, the beached whale on Coll, the new Crofters Commission Development Officer, the Scottish Islands Network Newsletter, and news from the WRI, the school, RSPB, Tiree Development Partnership and the feis.


Audio cassette recording of Donald Archie MacLean of Kenovay talking to Maggie Campbell in December 1999.

Donald Archie MacLean (Dòmhnall Eàirdsidh a’ Mhuilinn) talks to Maggie Campbell in December 1999 about his childhood in Kenovay, collecting coal with horses and carts from puffers on the beach and the hard work involved, the people who lived in Kenovay including the carpenter and Rob MacMaster, his father who sold meat in Kenovay and Calum MacKinnon who had the butcher’s shop in Scarinish, the difference in the rules and regulations today, the kindness of people in Scarinish, and his hopes for the new century. Tha Dòmhnall Eàirdsidh a’ Mhuilinn a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul anns an Dùbhlachd 1999 mu laithean-oige ann an Ceann a’ Bhàigh, a’ cruinneachadh gual le each is cairt o bhàtaichean guail air an tràigh agus an obair cruaidh a bha ’nn, na daoine a bha a’ fuireach ann an Ceann a’ Bhàigh, a’ gabhail a steach an soar, Rob ’Ic a’ Mhaighstir, athair a bha reic feòil ann an Ceann a’ Bhàigh agus Calum ’Ic Fhioghainn aig an robh bùth ann an Sgairinnis, na riaghailtean is na laghan a tha ’nns an latha an diugh, coibhneas muinntir Sgairinnis agus a dhòchas airson an linn ùr.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 311, 24/1/2004.

Local news and events including a forthcoming social economic survey of Tiree, a proposed community buy-out of Tiree, broadband, clarification of CalMac tender process, and news from the Christmas Parties Committee, the school and An Talla.


Tiree Rural Development Bulletin , No. 1, October 2003.

Newsletter for Tiree Rural Development with articles about the Open Day, the facilities on offer at the Rural Centre and the Framing and Wildlife Advisory Group.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 306, 8/11/2003.

Local news and events including the Agricultural Business Development Scheme and Processing and Marketing Grant Scheme, article by Councillor Ian Gilles, letter from the manse, visiting archaeologist Steven Mithen, article by John Bowler RSPB, a craft weekend in Coll and news from the school, youth and golf clubs.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 304, 11/10/2003.

Local news including the Open Day to launch the Tiree Development Partnership, the possibilty of civil service jobs to do with crofting being moved to Tiree, meeting to oppose the proposed closure of the Continuing Care Unit, article on gardening by Peggy Cameron, and news from the WRI, the school and the RSPB.


Two copies of `Local People, Partnerships and Rural Sutainable Development: A case study of Tiree` by Ina Hampson and Geoff Fagan.

Case study of Tiree which charts the social and historical context of the island to the present day and identifies the reasons and conditions on Tiree which make CADISPA`s involvement appropriate. (Conservation And Development In Sparsely Populated Areas)