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Audio cassette recording of Carol and Mrs Stoker of Scainish talking to Maggie Campbell in August 2001.

Carol and Mrs Stoker of Scarinish talk to Maggie Campbell in August 2001 about their holidays in Tiree and the changes they’ve seen since the 1960s in the shops, old people’s home, holiday houses, dances, the fencing of common grazing, ferries, the telephone exchange, golf course, farming and the increase in caravans on the island.


Audio cassette recording of Janet Wilson of Cornaigbeg talking to Dr John Holliday in September 1998.

Janet Wilson talks to Dr John Holliday in September 1998 about annual holiday to Tiree during the Glasgow Fair, being met by a horse and cart, the entertainment during the Fair fortnight, the people of Cornaigbeg and their genealogy, the smiddy, wartime activities, identity cards and food coupons, dances, the arrival of the first plane in Tiree, ceilidhs and how law-abiding the RAF personnel were.


Audio cassette recording of Iain MacDonald of Balevullin talking to Maggie Campbell on 9/10/2001.

Iain MacDonald of Balevullin talks to Maggie Campbell about his childhood memories of Tiree, how people were more self-sufficient, growing potatoes, milking cows and churning butter, helping his uncle Murdoch, a butcher, deliver meat around the island in a pony and trap, the community spirit of shearing day, picture night at the Reef, coastguard drill and some of the people of Balevullin; Iain also discusses his work as a Highland dancer, judge and piper at the Highland Games.


Audio cassette recording of Bernie Smith, Hynish talking to Maggie Campbell in October 2001.

Bernie Smith of Hynish talks to Maggie Campbell in October 2001 about coming to Tiree aged four or five, his schooling at Balemartine, the Balephuil tragedy, his teachers and learning Gaelic, going to Glasgow at 16 to become a joiner, working with a plumber on Tiree, his boyhood, Sabbath observance, dances, changes at the airport, people in Balephuil, competing in the Mod, fishing and the Tiree bards; Bernie sings two Gaelic songs.


Audio cassette recording of Janet Brown of Balephuil talking to Maggie Campbell in November 1999.

Janet Brown of Balephuil talks to Maggie Campbell in November 1999 about making butter and cheese, how there was always plenty of food even if the ferry couldn’t make Tiree, different kinds of scones, how all the work had to be finished by Saturday night in order to observe the Sabbath, washing using galvanised baths and Sunlight soap, washing blankets in the burn, harvesting, how herring were plentiful, how everyone helped preparing for a wedding, ceilidhs and dancing and different kinds of stockings.


Audio cassette recording of Hector Campbell of Garaphail interviewed by Margaret Bennett of the School of Scottish Studies.

Hector Campbell of Garaphail and Comrie talks to Margaret Bennett of the School of Scottish Studies about Gaelic songs and poetry, the music sailors from Ireland and the islands made at sea, the connections between Tiree and Skye, his boyhood, New Year, Halloween and May Day, superstitions, the weather, herbal remedies, fishing, seaweed as food, the changes in crofting practice, what happened when someone died, dances, washing days and health.


Audio cassette recording of Archie MacKinnon of Cornaigmore talking to Maggie Campbell in January 2001.

Archie MacKinnon of Cornaigmore talks to Maggie Campbell in January 2001 about his working life, his 40 years as janitor at Cornaigmore School, the opening of the new school in 1936, the building of the Police Station in 1937, dancing competitions at the Tiree Association Sports, the windmill at Loch Bhasapol which powered the water supply to the school, the school furnace, the changes and new buildings at the school between 1972 and 2001; Archie also tells two amusing stories. Èairdsidh Ghilleasbuig Eachainn a Chòrnaig Mhòr a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul anns an Fhaoilteach 2001 mu obair, an da fhichead bliadhna a bha e na dhorsair ann an Sgoil Chòrnaig Mhòr, fosgladh an sgoil ùr ann an 1936, togail oifis a’ phoileas ann an 1937, co-fharpais dannsa aig Spòrs an Chomunn Thirisdich, am muileann-gaoithe aig Loch Bhasapol a bha tarraing uisge gun sgoil, àmhainn na sgoile, na atharrachaidhean agus na togalaichean ùra aig an sgoil eadar 1972 agus 2001; tha e cuideachd ag ìnnseadh da naidheachd èibhinn.