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Booklet `The Tiree Crofters` Struggle` written by Ailig MacArthur in July 1986.

Account of the Tiree crofters` struggle for land reform written by Ailig MacArthur of Heylipol in 1986, the centenary year of the Crofters Act.

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Audio cassette recording of Hugh Archie MacLean talking to Maggie Campebell in 2000.

Hugh Archie MacLean of Salum talks to Maggie Campbell about working on the croft in Salum 50 years ago with his father, working breeding and selling horses, the winter feed required for stock, the food needed for personnel at the aerodrome during World War II, picnics during the war, the changes in crofting methods since the 1950s, technology and changing markets, his work with the Crofters Commission, receiving the OBE and his work in Africa advising on agriculture.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 312, 7/2/2004.

Local news and events including the forthcoming study of Tiree by the Islands Energy Agency, Councillor`s View, the beached whale on Coll, the new Crofters Commission Development Officer, the Scottish Islands Network Newsletter, and news from the WRI, the school, RSPB, Tiree Development Partnership and the feis.


Booklet titled `The Tiree Crofter`s Struggle 1886-1986` produced by Alex MacArthur in 1986.

Booklet produced to mark the centenary of the Tiree crofters` struggle for security of tenure.


Book `The Book of Barra` ed. by John Lorne Campbell.

Local and religious history, schools, customs and topography, agriculture, fishing and other industries, literature, the Crofters` Commission (1883), Norse Place-names, flora and fauna, and index of persons and places.


Book `Eigg – the Story of an Island` by Camille Dressler.

The story of Eigg and its inhabitants from earliest times to the present day, using written accounts, oral history, legends, song, and photographs. Covers crofting, clearances, clan battles, famine and changing landscapes until the community buy-out in June 1997.