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Account by George Holleyman of his time in the RAF on Tiree 1941-1943.

Account by George Holleymen, an amateur archaeologist, of his time in RAF Tiree as a Service Policeman. Two more copies added in 2011 (E01206).


Black and white photograph of six Tiree craggans.

Six Tiree craggans photographed by George Holleyman between 1941 and 1943, and published in the paper ‘Tiree Craggans’, by G. A. Holleyman, in Antiquity 21, December 1947, pp 205-211. On the original slide, the craggans are captioned individually: 1 from Sandaig, 2 from Balevullin, 3-6 made by Hugh MacNeil in 1942.