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Photograph of Tiree Agricultural Show Committee 1971/72

Colour photograph of the Tiree Agricultural Show Committee at the show at Crossapol Farm in 1971 or 1972. L-R: Hugh Campbell, Balemartine, unknown judge, Lachie MacLean, Druimfraoich, Kenovay, Charles MacLean, Croish House, Caoles, Lachlan MacArthur (Lachie Donan), Lachie MacFarlane, Hynish, John MacFadyen, Barrapol.



Large folder of An Talla Tender Documents, April 2003

Large folder of tender documents for the new community hall project “An Talla” dated April 2003. Includes reports on tenders, budgets, architects` drawings and plans. The documents were collected by Pete Blackhall, The Glebe, Scaranish, who sat on the project committee.


Large folder of various documents relating to the construction of An Talla

Large file folder containing various documents relating to the construction of the new community hall – An Talla. Belonged to Pete Blackhall, The Glebe, Scaranish, and titled `Pete`s Working File`. Includes contact list, budgets, minutes of committee meetings, quotations, plans and drawings.


Booklet: “Local people, partnerships and rural sustainable development – a case study of Tiree”

Booklet reporting on Tiree as a case study of the historical, social and economic composition of a remote rural community and how future funding might accessed for continuing development. Research carried out by University of Strathclyde as part of a study into Conservation and Development in Sparsely Populated Areas.


Letter from Argyll & the Islands Leader Programme to Tiree Working Group regarding monies allocated to various Tiree groups, 1994.

Letter from Gary Grant, Argyll & the Islands Leader Programme to Clare Jones, Tiree Working Group, 19 Oct 1994, listing the full allocation of Leader Local Project Fund monies to each of 16 Tiree community groups.


Selection of photographs from Alasdair Sinclair`s Retirement from An Iodhlann in 2008

Five photographs of An Iodhlann staff and committee members at Alasdair Sinclair`s retirement from the Board of An Iodhlann: (1) left to right are; Mr Alasdair Sinclair, Miss Mary MacKinnon and Mr. Bernard Smith, (2) left to right are; Ms. Catriona McLeod, Mr.Duncan Grant, Ms. ?, and Mr, Johnny Johnston, (3) left to right are; Mr Alasdair Sincalir, Dr. John Holliday, Mr Duncan Grant and Ms. ?, (4) left to right are; Mrs Pat Campbell, Mrs Janet MacIntosh, Mr Alasdair Sinclair, Mr. Johnny Johnston, Mrs Margaret Campbell, Ms. Catriona McLeod, Mr Duncan Grant & Dr. John Holliday, (5) left to right are; Mrs Pat Campbell, Mrs Mairi Campbell, Mr. Duncan Grant, Miss Kate England, Mrs. Josie Brown, Mr. Alasdair Sinclair & Mr. Steve Thompson.