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Photocopied list of books featuring early maps of Coll and Tiree.

List of books which contain early maps of Coll and Tiree with list of addresses on reverse.


Photocopied extract `Parish of Tiry` from `The Statistical Account of Scotland 1791-99`.

Information about the geography and topography of Tiree, its agriculture and livestock, water mills, climate, diseases and population, fuel, industries and fishing, local customs, education, travel and religion.


Extract from John Knox’s Tour through the Highlands and the Hebrides in 1786

Transcription of an extract from ‘A Tour through the Highlands of Scotland and the Hebride Isles, in 1786’ by John Knox.

In 1786 the British Society for Extending the Fisheries sent John Knox to the north and west coasts of Scotland to prospect for new harbours and fishing grounds. During his visit to Tiree, he surveyed the coastline and concluded that Gott Bay was the most practicable place for a pier.

This was in line with the thinking of the Society’s Governor, the 5th Duke of Argyll, who over the previous fifteen years had encouraged settlement in a new fishing village at Scarinish by offering ‘a few years’ free possession of a house-room, two acres of arable and a cow’s grass.’

In 1793 the Duke again instructed the island’s Chamberlain to encourage his tenants to attend to the fishing. However, in a list of exports from Tiree in the following year there is still no mention of any fish being sent from the island.


Tiree Aerodrome in 1944

Photograph of Tiree Aerodrome in 1944.


Courtesy of Sergeant Neil Owen

The origins of the Tiree airfield go back to 1934 when Midland and Scottish Airways selected a grass landing site on the Reef. A rental dispute delayed until 1937 the start of air services which continued to operate spasmodically during World War II.

The Reef was requisitioned by the Ministry of War in 1940 to provide air cover for the convoys routed from the North Sea to the Irish Channel. Contractors Melville, Dundas & Whitson and Tawse of Aberdeen were among those involved in building the airstrip, roads and living quarters for the RAF base.

Labourers were brought in from Ireland and the mainland, including prisoners from several Scottish jails. Quarries at Baugh and Balephetrish were blasted out and the ruins of the Glassary seaweed factory in Sandaig and the storehouse on Scarinish jetty were demolished and used as hardcore.

Aerial photograph of Tiree Aerodrome, 1944.

Aerial view of Tiree Aerodrome taken in 1944 showing erosion.


Photocopied book extract `List of Inhabitants of Tyree and their Age in September 1779` edited by Eric Cregeen.

The inhabitants listed by township and family.

Click here to view extract 1997.54.1 Cornaigmore


Photocopy of book extract `Parish of Tiry` by Rev. Archibald McColl.

Description of the geography of Tiree, its wildlife, minerals, antiquities, climate, diseases, population, fuel, manufactures and fishery, livestock, agriculture, the character and customs of the people, the poor, schools, emigration, ferries, churches.

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