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Book ‘Twentieth-Century Crofting Schemes on Tiree and Coll’ by Bob Chambers, 2016, with foreword by Prof. Donald Meek, Caoles.  Shortly before and shortly after WWI, over 100 new crofts were created on Tiree and Coll, and almost 40 existing crofts were enlarged. The impact on the islands was enormous, wide-ranging and long-lasting, particularly on Tiree.


Bound booklet of transcribed excerpts regarding Tiree from the Autobiography and Memoirs of George Douglas, 8th Duke of Argyll (1823-1900).

Click here to view Tiree excerpts


Five copies of ‘West Highland Notes and Queries’ by the Society of West Highland and Island Historical Research: May 1973 – inhabitants of Coll; May 1977 – Donald MacLeod of Talisker’s links with Coll; January 2014 – Ua Neill pedigrees, 1467 MacEwens, first MacLeans, Breacachadh; October 2014 – article about Coll MacColl; August 2015 – the setting of rents on Tiree 1662-1716.


Article in the Scots Magazine by Peter Myres recalling his maritime adventures around Tiree in 2009. Titled ‘Boat Daft on Tiree’ he writes about the ferries and puffers and a trip to Coll. Includes colour photographs of Travee from Balephuil, the ferry Claymore in 1962, hoisting a old Alvis car from the Claymore, the puffer Lascar, and Sheena Beck, Ruaig, with her children Drew, Robin and Margaret in 1962. Pages 408-412.


Printed copies of the Beveridge Diaries 1896-1897: (1) scanned directly from Erskine Beveridge’s notebooks held in the Carnegie Library in Dunfermline, and (2) typed transcripts made by Lesley Ferguson, Head of Collections, RCAHMS. Beveridge travelled around Scotland in the second half of the 19th century, photographing and writing about the places he visited, including Tiree.

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