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Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 452, 09/10/2009

Local news: school children visit the Tobermory lifeboat at Scarinish; community windturbine update; Will Wright completes Big Ben Nevis triathlon; Lunch Club to continue; advice on flu vaccinations; An Talla news; TRD applies for funding for cinema at aution mart; forthcoming Tiree Wave Classic; letters to the editor – bad house-building practices; announcement of public meeting regarding management of increasing numbers of campervans and caravans; swine flu on the increase; Michael Holliday announces Tiree house design surgeries; review of Crofting Reform bill; RSPB news by John Bowler.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 451, 25/09/2009

Local news: Skerryvore perform in China and win A&B’s Young Entrepeneur of the Year; Alan Reid MP visits Tiree; An Iodhlann’s ‘Sheaves from the Stackyard’ – Tiree at war; Lunch Club remembers 1930s Tiree; new social worker for Tigh a’ Rudha; report of Strathclyde fire chief’s visit; policing Tiree Wave Classic; Tiree-Islay exchange; report of SWRI meeting; forthcoming visit by Tobermory lifeboat; school news – fundraising for Mod trip, healthy eating week, new rugby club; letters to the editor – damage to machair at Caoles; volunteers needed for Meals on Wheels; community Powerdown project – solar hot water; poem about wind power by Nik Rawson; sheep sale results; forthcoming boat restoration course.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 450, 11/09/2009

Local news: advert for a community Youth Worker; Gaelic poem ‘Tir Lurach‘ by Alec MacLean; An Iodhlann’s 1950 newspaper articles from the archive – no films for Tiree, distress flares off Hynish, youth let off distress flares, problems over electricity supply; TEAR home-composting event; RSPB news; dead leatherback turtle at W Hynish; community windturbine update; article by Matt Boyd about running the New York marathon; letter to the editor about HMS Sturdy; election of community councillors; High School mountain challenge; High School gala day schedule; search for Gaelic-speaking child to star in Hollywood film.


Newspaper articles about the rescue of a fisherman by his girlfriend in Gunna Sound in 1991

11 newspaper cuttings about the rescue of Kenneth MacClounnan, Balephuil, by his girlfriend Christine MacFarlane, when their fishing boat `Travee`, skippered by Kevan Brown, Balephuil, sank in Gunna Sound in 1991. Bound within a `Silk Cut Nautical Awards` folder. Christine was presented with the award for her bravery at the Dorchester Hotel in London in 1991 (see photo R125 and object 2012.74.2).


Photograph of Christine MacDonald, Scarinish, receiving a Silk Cut Nautical Award in 1991

Black & white photograph of Christine MacDonald (MacClounnan, nee MacFarlane) receiving a Silk Cut Nautical Award at the Dorchester Hotel in London in 1991. Christine rescued her boyfriend Kenneth MacLounnan, Balephuil, when the fishing boat `Travee`, skippered by Kevan Brown, Balephuil, sank in Gunna Sound in 1991. (see also newspaper cuttings 2012.74.1 and award 2012.74.2).



Coastguard Long Service medal with presentation box.

Coastguard Long Service medal presented to Murdoch MacLean, with presentation box with spare ribbon.


Audio cassette recording of Iain MacDonald of Balevullin talking to Maggie Campbell on 9/10/2001.

Iain MacDonald of Balevullin talks to Maggie Campbell about his childhood memories of Tiree, how people were more self-sufficient, growing potatoes, milking cows and churning butter, helping his uncle Murdoch, a butcher, deliver meat around the island in a pony and trap, the community spirit of shearing day, picture night at the Reef, coastguard drill and some of the people of Balevullin; Iain also discusses his work as a Highland dancer, judge and piper at the Highland Games.