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Long white nightdress

Full-length white cotton nightdress with broderie-Anglaise ruffle collar and cuffs, buttoned half-way down the front with a small ruffle. Worn by Felac (Flora) MacEachern (1874-1955), sister of John MacEachern, Cornaigbeg (Mairi Brady`s grandfather), in the 1950s, and also worn by Felac`s sister, Peggy (Margaret) MacEachern (1868-1963). Both women never married and lived at Creag Mhor, Cornaigbeg, all their lives.


Black bodice blouse

Black silk beaded and boned bodice blouse with lace collar and cuffs. For a small woman. Purpose made pale cotton/linen pouch sewn into the left armpit containing hard round lump of brown substance. This is probably a herbal remedy, possibly a wad of thrift roots which were used to treat `Barr a’ chinn` a condition usually in children in which they go listless after a fright/shock. Blouse belonged to Mary MacLean, Kenovay (Mairi Brady`s maternal grandmother) and worn around 1910.


Pair of Dri-Pac boot driers

Pair of `Dri-Pac` linen sachets bound together with cotton tape for placing in boots to dry them out. Green text reads “Dri-Pac. Moisture absorbent. Overcomes the problems of foot moisture and condensation in all types of footwear”, with instructions on the back. Made by Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd., Liverpool. Donated by Fiona MacKinnon, Lodge Farm, Kirkapol.