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Collection of personal items belonging to the late Miss Elsie MacKinnon, Lodge Farm, Kirkapol

(1) Bank Book belonging to Miss Elsie MacKinnon of Kirkapol, detailing banking from 1950 – 1972.. This is for a Savings Account which was held at Scarinish Branch during this time, (2) One pair of crochet gloves handmade by Kate MacMacKinnon, (3) NHS Prescription Charges Executive Council Exemption Certificate, (4) An old fashioned hair clip.


Audio recordings of Jean MacCallum of Balevullin talking to Maggie Campbell on 20/6/2007.

Two cassette tapes (labelled AC430 1 & 2) of Jean MacCallum, Balevullin, talking with Maggie Campbell in June 2007. Tape 1 – about her trip to Orkney with Tiree Rural Development, the differences and similarities between the farming practices and way of life there, and the different resources on Orkney. Tape 2 – about her trip with Tiree Rural Development to Orkney and the hand-knitted jackets and waistcoats made there.


18th century brooch pin and 15th century bronze buckle mounting found on Balevullin machair.

Brooch pin and bronze buckle mounting found on Balevullin machair before 1953. Examined and identified by the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland in Edinburgh (pre-1953). The pin is thought to have been made during the 18th century, whilst the buckle was thought to be made in the 15th century because “leaf shaped terminal did not appear until after 14th century”. Includes photocopy of historian`s notes.

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