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Paperback book `Highland Folk Ways` by I. F. Grant.

The sequences of adjustment that have taken place in the lives of Scottish Highland people in response to great social and economic pressures and the tenacity with which the influence of the ancient and distinctive social organisation of the Highlands has persisted. For references to Tiree see pages 16 and 106.


Hardback book `Argyll in the Forty-Five` by Sir James Fergusson.

Re-telling of the story of 1745 by the Keeper of the Records of Scotland from the papers of Major-General John Campbell, commander of the Government troops in Scotland at the time.


Audio cassette recording of Major Nicholas Bristol-MacLean talking in An Iodhlann in August 2000.

Major Nicholas Bristol-MacLean of Coll talks in An Iodhlann in August 2000 about his connection with Tiree through his great-great-uncle, the Rev. Neil MacLean (Maighstir Niall), who built the old manse at Gott, how Tiree is special to the MacLeans of Duart, about Alexander MacLean who fought at Killiecrankie and Dunkeld, the six year war between the MacLeans and Campbells in the 1670s, a rent collector by the name of Cameron, the changes in religion, the second sight, a collection of manuscripts and his MacLean genealogy.